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Jacki Agosto-Cook

Thank you Pat for another wonderful pattern. I love this ♥️

Barb Wilson


Erin R

Thank you for the free pattern! It was a neat twist on the placement of the stars in the border. Super fun and super cute.

Teresa Riley

Oh My Stars is an awesome pattern! Thank you, Pat!

Love seeing everyones color combos!!! Can't wait to make mine!

Bobbi Quinn

Thank you for the pattern. My other hobby is photography, but buying fabric has taken over. :)

Linda Maldonado

Thank you for the free patterns and can't wait
to start "Oh My Stars".. Love to see everyones quilts, so many ideas.


Thank you. Love the pattern

Nell Burnett

Where can I get the pattern, besides on my phone.. can I get a printed one? Is hard to see on my phone. Thank you Nell

pat sloan

Nell ask someone to print it for you or go to your library and print it.

Georgette Noble

Thank you Pat. I am making quilts for my grandchildren and I adore this print. Will be great for the pinks and black I think!

Thelma Otto

I really wanted this pattern, but the download says it can change data on all websites I visit. I am afraid of it. Not real handy on here. Any other way to get the free pattern or do I need to let my want go? Can't afford a fix it charge if I mess up my computer.

Thelma Otto


I can not download your patterns. What is the secret?

Susan Roosen

Love this pattern!💕 Can’t wait to try this


I just saw your Blue one, Pat. Breathtaking too. Everytime you make a different one is even prettier. Incredible versatility of this pattern.


Thelma this is a normal PDF. It sounds like you clicked an advertisement. Try again. If it does not work on your computer, then contact your local tech support.


Gayla it is a normal PDF> Change devices. Change browsers, update your PDF reader, download THEN print. Or contact your local tech support.


thank you!


thank you! it's cool to do in different fabrics


have fun!


Thank you again Pat for a truly beautiful pattern, Oh My Stars. You continue to inspire us with all your creativity and bless you for your love and sharing of quilting.


you are so welcome Sheri!

Jill Leslie

Hi Pat, I just purchased your Oh My Stars pattern but was unable to download it. The screen went black and now I can't get back to my order page to re-try. Could you please send me a link? Thank you.


Jill you will have an email for the download. Pull up your email again and click the link in it. if that does not work write us at as we need your email to help you


Wow I love this pattern..I want to use up my "scraps" with a new color to make the stars pop out. I love the photos that everyone added for ideas . Every one of those quilts are very pretty...thanks .

Pearl Haley

I would like to make a queen size quilt for my daughter , do you have any suggestions???
My friend has the pattern and I love and want to do it in blues.

Pat Sloan

My pattern add on has Queen size Pearl

Marilyn Van Norden

Just made an Oh My Stars quilt for the Honor Flight in Northern Colorado. I have yet to quilt it. A very easy pattern to make and I thought very appropriate for my project. Thank you.

Kim Woehl

So excited to give this one a try. I have grounded myself from quilting until I have my office space cleaned. This may be the inspiration to get it done. Thank you!


thank you so much pat

Bonnie Zick

I made the free pattern and just now purchased the larger one. I'm excited to start another O My Stars quilt. How can I make this into a twin size?

Thank you,

Bonnie Zick

Hi again Pat, I think I figured out the sizing from laptop to twin. Do I do a 2 inch inner border all around and then a 6 inch outer border all around

thanks, Bonnie


Does your "Oh my stars are on pattern come in print?


No Patricia just digital. Ask a friend to print for you


thank you Marilyn!


I just purchased the Oh My Stars pattern for the larger quilt patterns. I didn't realize my printer did not change to Landscape for the first page. The rest of the pages printed just fine. Is there any way I can get a copy of just that page. I have my purchase number and email that I can share with you. Thank you for your assistance.

Linda Wasko

I loved making this pattern. Thank you Pat for making it available.
I'm not able to upload a picture. It tells me my file is too big. Not sure how to make my picture smaller.

Caryn Keilman

I wasn’t able to print the enlarged oh my stars pattern I purchased. Could you resend it to me please
Caryn Keilman


Exciting! Thank you so much!

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