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Thanks Pat! Ordered my rulers with your discount.

michele breault

How thick are the rulers? Can they be used on a longarm?


I’m with Michelle... are these rulers 1/4 inch rulers? How long? Thanks.

Phyllis A Knafelc

I understand you buy one ruler and get one free but it didn't work that way when I ordered all of them. I was charged for all them and the two feet; Could you advise me if I misunderstood the sale.

Denise Mitchem

This is a game changer Pat!!! I just finished a quilt I made to raise money for my son's volunteer camp (he's a counselor). I was dreading the expense of sending it out to be quilted and I'm terrible at free motion. I am going to give this a try. Any suggestions on which rulers to start with?
I have a Babylock Journey. Will my free motion foot work with this or will I need to get the Gemini ruler foot? I'm sure I can figure this out but I thought I'd ask for a quick answer :)

Denise Mitchem

I haven't ordered yet but did you use the code? Pat shared one on the Code above.

Denise Mitchem

Sorry for the typo in my previous reply. "Pat shared the Code above"

Barbara T Hoffman

I didn't see whether the gloves came in small, Med. or large sizes. I have small hands.

Denise M

Wow thank you Pat.... I just ordered my rulers.


The gloves are one size fits most.

Cynthia Criswell

Thank you Pat! Just ordered my rulers! What a great deal!

Rhonda Albrecht

1/4" thick, and they're designed to be used with the quilting foot, so yes, they can be used on a longarm.

Rhonda Albrecht

Yes, they are 1/4" thick.


Many thanks!


Have fun!


they are 1/8" inch


Rhonda they are 1/8" inch


Did you use my code PATMAY


Denise you must have a ruler foot, like what I show. I don't know if the generic foot works. you can order a Baby lock foot from your dealer.





Marilyn Larkin

I have contacted them and am waiting on a reply. There is no indication that will ship to Australia. I hope they can work it out.


No! They are NOT 1/4" thick.....they are 3mm or 1/8" thick with 1/4" markings on them. I am definitely not comfortable using less than 1/4" thick rulers with the ruler feet I have on my machines. The understanding I have is that the Westalee rulers are the 1/8" thickness and work with that specific foot.


These are great but please note some important reminders about the difference of low shank and high shank. If your machine uses a 'low shank' which they will inform you than a few extra things to note about the ease of moving the ruler behind the foot due to height space limitations and make sure your needle position is 'UP' before having foot raised. Don't be scared off but just like every new technique or notion, some helpful hints. For more information see Pat's links and of course google or you tube the foot products. Happy Sewing and thanks for sharing these products Pat!


Just ordered my feet. Looking forward to trying these out. I am new to using feet. I have a lot of charity quilts to get done and plan on using these to get use to them.


Pat, Thanks the update. My long arm and domestic both require 1/4" thick rulers. They do look very interesting and should work very nicely for the appropriate ruler feet.


Just an FYI, Westalee rulers come in various thicknesses. I order the ones for the long arms, which are 1/4" thick. Yes. I agree with you that the Westalee rulers are available in various sizes designed to work with specific ruler feet. I have a few Westalee rulers that are not thick enough,and I can't use them.

Denise Mitchem

Thank you very much!!!


Thanks Pat for this deal, just finished ordering mine but the two I wanted were out of stock, but got the others. I already got the foot now just waiting to get my new machine.


glad you got some!


super Valorie!


Sad I missed the deal as the rules are out of stock any idea if they will be available again? Thanks Barbara


can we use the westalee feet with these rulers

Kathleen Clovis

Any chance Sets 2 and 3 will be back in stock before the buy one, get one deal expires on the 9th? I really het to miss out on the chance to use them.

Linda Baker

Was the discount shown after placing order? It's not showing in the basket.


Yes, I too am disappointed that the rulers are out of stock and cannot be ordered with the patmay discount. ☹️

Regina Magolski

Thanks Pat! I ordered rulers but pattern sets for 2 and 3 were out of stock. I was going to order them as well but couldn't find to back order

Kathleen Clovis

I have been checking daily to see if the rulers are in stock. I finally entered my email address today to be notified when Sets 2 and 3 are back in stock. Will I be able to still use the PATMAY code to buy one get one free?


Anyone else having trouble with getting rulers? I ordered 10 days ago, and order status says only "paid". I've never received any confirmation email from the seller, and no response to my inquiries, either. But I get daily emails from them trying to get me to buy other stuff (all scrapbooking things that don't interest me in the slightest). Any suggestions?

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