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Kim Frederick

Love your quilt patterns. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie Schumacher

My Main Street 5 and dime was called Schrock. They carried a little of everything but, next door was a store that was called Garber’s. It was an awesome little place because it had a lunch counter. This is where I spent my young married life. As a kid we had woolworths in my home town. Loved going to the lunch counter for a milkshake. We also had a regular soda shop. Don’t remember the name of it but my mom used to work there as “soda jerk” when she was young. Had the best cherry cokes.


Can't wait to see yours Kim!


love these memories!

Ann Marie Ott

My very first job was at the Ben Franklin dime store in our town - called Webb's. I could walk there after school.

Mischa Derby

I've only recently discovered quilting. I just found you! I'm so excited to quilt along with you and others. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. And, we had the Village Store. The old proprietor gave free candy to us kids 😁 Now that I think about it, probably had more to do with keeping our mouths shut and letting our parents browse.


Did you use background from your 1.5 yards of carnation or from one of your FQ?? Don’t want to cut into my light if I need it for borders

Carol Love Rice

In answer to your question on what color way are you currently using: I am working with what might be considered fall colors, yellow, orange and several shades of green. They are quite bright and vibrant colors so they don't feel like fall to me.

Chris Steadman

My family and I lived five miles out of town but Mom and I would visit the 5 & dime often. They had a wide variety of items such as sewing notions, handkerchiefs, socks, nylons,shoe laces etc. I would often be allowed a few pieces of penny candy when checking out. I remember the store had a huge double swinging door to enter which I thought was so cool! The store still exists but is now a coffee shop and icecream parlor which is also very cool and they have managed to restore and keep those wonderful doors!

Linda Mahoney

We had Woolworths and Newberrys. It was so much fun to go to both stores. My brother and I would get our allowance and then go between the two stores to figure out what we would buy with our 50 cents! Both stores had lunch counters where we ate when we were older. Both stores are gone now. I have such good memories of spending time and money in them!

Carla Jaynes

Can't wait to start this new journey with you Pat! I love ALL of your quilts/patterns! Have a Blessed Day!


Thank You Pat! This is a lovely block. Love It! I love your fabrics. Another wonderful quilt.


What a cool design the 4 of these blocks make! A few of these together would make a great summer quilt for picnics in the city park, or over at the river. 3 of the towns I grew up in had a river or large creek running thru them.
Oh, the 5 and dime store. Walmart just isn't the same. I remember the Woolworth's on Main Street. Also, there was another 5 and dime around the corner. Can't remember the name. An 'off Broadway' store, if you will. We sometimes went there when we couldn't find what we wanted at Woolworth's. I miss that about today's stores. It seems like today's inventory is all computerized and ordered from the same source. Everything is the same, no matter which store you shop. I miss the individuality.
Well, this will be fun. I'm ready to pull out my fabric stack and get to going. Thanks, Pat, for this interesting block.

Pat Luers

I’ve missed the last two projects working on others I had started. I’m jumping in for this one!
I grew up in a neighborhood where we had an ice cream soda shop ran by two Greek brothers. I spent a lot of time there after school with friends. They had the best cherry cok and ice creams. Kreske and Woolworth were a bus ride downtown. Friends and I would go after school and during the summer.
I worked at Elder-Beerman a short while and they had a lunch counter. Fun memories that kids today don’t have.


fun times!


Welcome to quilting!! I bet that was true! my grocery store has free 'ripe' bananas and oranges for kids


i started with the FQ of it Judy


sounds pretty!


Great memories and love that the store is still there!


Woolworths is the best!


great memories!!

Jane H Hartin

I grew up in Birmingham, AL. If we had a Main Street, I think it would be 20th Street. There was a department store there called Loveman's, and it had everything. We went there every Saturday. My mother would cruise through the enormous dry goods department and pore over the pattern books for clothes to make for us. When I had learned to read, I used to sneak over to the book section and read as much as I could in the children's section before a clerk would come tell me that the books were there to buy, not read in the store!


I love this block. I have a quilt to finish and then I can get started on this one.
I grew up in Indianapolis. My sisters and I would take the bus down to "the circle" which is Washington Monument in the center of town.
There were big department stores all around the circle and a Woolworth's that had a counter. Cherry cokes and fries were always our choice.

Judith Blinkenberg

Since I’ve been married 50 years, this Friday, I’m going to use these experiences. There was a Fords dep store on Main Street and it had wooden floors in the first level, that was cool to walk on, with a lunch counter. I remember a lot of kitchen stuff, and I would wander around at gadgets. I have to add that in Fredericksburg, Texas, there is a variety store of long ago, although more expensive, that has great items sitting out all over the store. I saw the wooden paddles with the ball stapled to it, white cotton bras all layed out in rows. It’s like stepping back in time, yet it’s new and it’s very touristy. I love that town.

Kay Dungavell

Thanks Pat - This looks like a great Quilt party!. Lots of memories. I am going away for a week - but will make my first block when I get home.

Corinne Lake

I love your fireside chats. I am ready to do with General Store FQ bundle from Connecting Threads. I found a old time looking newsprint fabric called Cazette on their site too.. I hope to use that as background or border. I grew up in San Jose, Ca. I remember going to downtown San Jose with my grandma to the Woolworth Store. It was amazing as a child to sit at the soda fountain, look at the 5 & dime treasures... Today, I know that whole street has changed. My new favorite Is a hardware store in Placerville, CA, which is a real step back in time, but with a great modern twist. It is truly a general story. You can find all you need there. So cool. Thanks, Pat, for our great work in the quilt community.

Sue Marshall

Mine was just called the 5 & 10 store. I loved going there. I have memories of even getting family pictures taken there each year. And of course buying candY with my allowance money! Excited to start the block!

Sue Winterbottom

My first job was at Kresges. We had Murphy’s and
Ben Franklin. Small town stuff on Main Street

Dolores Vinson

The all so famous Walton’s five and dime is what comes to mind


Love reading the walk down memory lane on Main Street posted by others. Woolworths is one I faintly remember but there was a pharmacy that had original soda counter that stayed open until late 1970's before closed its doors.


My color way is blue with a touch of yellow and white. Two twin quilts for the grandchildren's guest room. They are grown now and rarely stay overnight so I am updating

Annette Canonica

Love this block - so cute in your Bonnie Lane fabrics! Can't wait to make mine. Enjoyed fireside chat too. Have fun at Babylock - I LOVE my Solaris.

Carol Bucher

Oh, the memories. We had a Woolworth's 5 and dime and also a Gaumer's drug store where all the high school kids gathered after school at the soda fountain. We will be married 60 years next week so we have some wonderful memories of the good old days.


I'm resisting making in Bonnie Lane until you can order it, it's hard to wait!

Karen Morton

I remember having grilled cheese sandwiches at the counter at Woolworth's with my Mother when I was little. I'm enjoying that memory. Thanks for bringing it up, and for the lovely Main Street quiltalong. My block came out so pretty in pink!

Kathy Gist

I actually live on Main Street in a small, off the beaten path, small Utah town. There is a nice park, a library, an old Rexall drug store (converted to a dance/exercise studio - times change), and Bullie’s drive in downtown, five blocks from my house. The people here are wonderful and everybody knows everybody!


I love this first block, and I'm excited to be joining in the QAL! We had a sort of Five & Dime when I was a kid in California. I can't remember the name ... I'll have to text my mom. But, I know they had an ice-cream counter with the *best* lemon curd ice cream, and they had a pet section with kittens and birds and sometimes puppies. I loved that place!
I'm getting my fabric out now; have a Tilda bundle that I'm going to use since it reminds me of the flowers along our driveway where I grew up. My pony would munch on them as we meandered by.

Lisa MacKay

We also had Woolworths on Main Street in Buffalo, NY. I don't remember much about the store itself, but I remember the lunch counter, just inside the entrance. There were balloons at the counter that had coupons in them. I remember picking the balloons to pop for the coupons and the wooden floors. The doorway had a sloped entranceway and I remember my brother lying on his belly, running his Matchbox car down the ramp while we waited for my mom to pay for lunch.

We had C.G. Murphy's in North Tonawanda when I was a teen. Two floors (again, wooden floors), and we still have Vidler's Five & Dime on Main St. in East Aurora. It's still fun to go in there. And they have a fabric section in the store! www.vidlers5and10.com

Kate Sterling

On the main street in the UK we had a haberdashary store and I used to count the button and check the ribbons whilst my mum purchased fabric to make some clothes. Haven't thought about this until just now, brings a smile to my face... memories :)

Kelly Wenhold

Love the block! My first job was at Sine's 5 & 10 in Quakertown, Pennsylvania when I was 15 yrs old. I was assigned to the section where all the thread, patterns, yarn and embroidery items were sold. When I didn't have a customer I was allowed to stitch so that started my love for hand embroidery items. I am 55 years old and I still have a tablecloth that I made for my mother back then...it is 40 years old...does that make it vintage????


Love the block! The first five and dime was called mona's. It was in Corktown, Detroit, Mi. I used to go down there and buy my mom hankies, trinkets and cards. By my Grandma's there was Kresges, and Neisners. Downtown there was Woolworths, and Kresges, and Hudsons had a wonderful sewing dept. Miss those days.


My hometown's five and dime was a Mattingly's. They had everything. My favorite memories were the candy counter (I especially loved the warm cashews) and Christmas when the upstairs was transformed to a wonderland, and Santa was there to hear our many wishes.

Becky Parker

I remember going to Woolworth's every Saturday after going to the movies. Back in the day, $1 got me in the movie, popcorn, and then an ice cream from the dimestore!


Remembering Main St is fun. Like the others, we had a Woolworths. My grandmother would take us shopping and we’d have lunch at the food counter sitting on the stools.

Shelly Roberts

My story ended up kind of a long one, and it ended up on my blog which I posted the link in the address below if you're wanting to read about it. But in short, my Main Street was the main thoroughfare, never called Main Street down whatever Air Force Base we were stationed at. And our 5 and Dime was our AFB Base Exchange (BX). Of course I not only mentioned that, but I also told of visiting with my Granny to HER Main Street and to HER Woolworth's and the memories shared there. I also shared my block there as well.


We had a five and dime 3 blocks from my grandmas house. She used to call it the dime store. As little children we used to walk with Grandma and she would by us candy. Loved to go to Grandma's just for the adventure. Hope my grandson's (I have 6) has as fond memory as I have of my Grandma. All the time i say "I want to be just like Grandma J".

Polly S

Our 5 and dime was a Woolworth's. It had creaky wooden floors and so many neat things to buy. There was a lunch counter with ice cream, mmm, a favorite place to go. Looking forward to the next block!

Rhoda Bailey

Thank you for the free block. I'm so glad you are on YT now. I want to learn so much about quilting. See you on YT.

Laura from Woodbury, MN

I'm really looking forward to The Main Street Sew Along. I've finished the first block and can hardly wait until the next block is released. The dime store I went to as a kid was Kresge's. It's where I learned to count change and buy myself things such as candy and little trinkets.


kresge's was great!

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