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Love the layout 💗


Love the layout! I've been in a quilt funk lately but I keep printing out the blocks each week hoping that it gets me back to my Juki.

Barbara Ferguson

Thank you! What I thought would be an easy decision for me, isn't now that I've seen both layouts! Maybe I'll just have to make two now!!

Cyndi Alvarado

Thank you. I'm so excited to see what it is going to look like.


Morning Pat thanks for layout ideas. Brilliant. Am enjoying so much sewing along with ‘The Flower Bouquet’. You are wonderfully inspiring.


Love both layouts. I will do asymmetrical first, as I've never done an asymmetrical; but may do the traditional layout later when I have time. Thank You!


I am brand new at quilt making. I took one class where every step was indicated and I just followed directions. I probably can figure this out, but how do I know the sizes of the strips used to set the blocks? I looked at the Teach me to make my first quilt book and didn’t see this subject addressed.


Nettie just download the pattern with all the directions Did you do that? ...it's right above in PINK..




I'm so happy you joined me!


Kaiser make block 6 tomorrow..just do it.. then go back to 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ..




you are welcome!


thank you Mary!


I downloaded it. I saw the 2 layouts and pictures, but I didn’t see the sizes of the pictures of a flower bouquet section 1 strips..

lois willingham

on page 3 below the pictures it tells the size of the strips for this layout.. on page 4 it is enlarged with all the sizes listed. on page 5 it lists sizes for the sashing and boarders on the lest side of the page. happy sewing.

lois willingham

sat down day before yesterday and put in new ink in my printer. then printed out all of the patterns. then I cut out everything. yesterday I made all of the squares and am up to date. think I will do the first layout this time of layout. with the first 6 done I can do the first section. nice change, YEA !!!!!!!!

Margaret Cunningham

This is off subject, but what is the name of the quit behind you on the wall in your header for the layout ? Love the browns and teals and pattern looks interesting. Thanks in advance and sorry for going off subject. Have all blocks done so far. Have done several of your designs. Love the simplicity.

Kristy Rohm

Hi Pat...Im making the asymmetrical quilt. The First layout pattern option 1 shows The Gazebo on top right. However your picture shows the Gazebo on bottom right. Does it matter? Im following the picture you are holding. Thanks...Love this quilt pattern!

Vicki Hafler

Wow this is totally out of the normal for me but I really like it, it will be different but It’s mine and looks great. Thanks Pat


does not matter at all Kristy. I just changed my mind. they are the same size block


That is my Splendid Sampler from book 1. Find the books at http://shrsl.com/13ot1


it is all in the pattern Nettie


have fun!




Hi Pat- Thank you for giving us the layout options this early! I am doing Option 1 as it is a different challenge. It looks great and I can't wait to stitch my first blocks together for quadrant 1. Thank you for the free sew a longs, I enjoy them very much!


I did option 1 yesterday and it was a good challenge for me. Made a booboo with a measure, but was able to splice in a small piece of fabric that I hope won’t be too noticeable. Then I sewed the 2 sides together wrong and had to rip out and redo. But I’m glad I did it.


Thanks Pat!


I can not find your pattern directions for these patterns,

Barb Mutter

hi Pat This is my first kit and I am so nervous about running out of material. For the second layout you mention to use your scraps to make more of the Block #5. Should you wait until the end to know what are scraps ???? Nervous Nellie here but having fun.

Lisa MacKay

I'm beginning to think of this quilt as therapy, forcing me way outside of my comfort zone. Using pastel, muted colors and fabrics; an asymmetric layout; offset blocks with non-uniform sashing strips - lengths AND width?! Even just not knowing what's coming next unsettles the planner in me. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Phyllis Gunter

Pat, This is my first quilt along and i purchased the Gemini however, when you say cut 2.5 triangle i haven't been sure if it means the 2.5 hst or quarter square triangle. Made the mistake and had a miniature block not 12x12.lol can you specify going forward thanks

Eve A Ward

Having a drawer full of just floral fabrics, this quilt will help with find room! I do most of the quilt with leftovers that measure up and some of the floral quilts are from my mother-in-law's mother. These are treasure florial fabric and this line of blocks are perfect!!! Thank You


I must be a dunce! I can't seem to find the measurements for the setting strips. Could you help me?


Hi Pat, is there a supply list for layout option 1?

Claire Long

I can't find the layout directions for the third section that we completed today. Anybody else find it?

Diana B

Hey Carolyn...I think there is one more block for section 3. I saw on her Facebook today the block is coming out early which will be tomorrow. Tuesday April 9th

Melissa Jefferys

Pat, I love this Block of the week. It is so pretty. I think I might add a few more blocks to make it fit a queen size. Thank you for helping me with finding the info to up load the pictures. Next ones might be put together is quarters!

Cheryl May

I had so much fun making this quilt top. I chose a FQB bundle that I had in my stash called Greenery by Maywood Studios. Making this quilt helped me think about fabric combination and placement. I had some favorite blocks too like block number 1 “Seed Catalogs” and block number 8 “ Geraniums”. Thank you Pat for sharing your inspiration.

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