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Anita L Jackson

hahaha. I've sewn a HST Wrong And Quilted Prior to seeing the mistake LATER in Photo Form. Crazy stuff happens! Only by God's design will I be perfect..... And I do believe his design for me is a little chaotic ;)

Sheila Boser

I loved those guides & still have an old one. When I was just a kid, my Mom always let me plant our flower gardens. Now that I’m older, I know why....my body aches after a planting now, but didn’t back then. That sly, sweet woman got me to do her dirty work...literally! LOL

Jo Anne Gaffney

Pat cut my pieces accordingly to cutting directions, then under sewing directions small squares are 2 1/2. On cutting it said 2” just so you know sorry,


Then I assume should be cut 2.5" to finish at 2".


You can do it Anita!


haha.. i think she did Sheila!


Thanks for letting me know Jo Anne & Dodie. the cutting direction IS CORRECT.. CUT 2" or you will have pieces that are too big. I missed changing the text to match the cutting. I fixed it and uploaded a new pdf but you can just change the TEXT PART to say 2".


Thanks Pat!


thank you!


Loving these flower blocks! I used to help my grandmother plant her garden. she taught me so much. I remember the planting guides. I go to antique shows with my friends, and have seen the odd one there. This flower bouquet quilt is a great project for these winter days; and I'm loving these blocks. Thanks Pat.
PS:[Maybe one day a good theme for one of your BOW quilts (lap size) could be about "antiques", would make a good fall project].

Dot Murdoch

Using the same fabrics that you are & really loving them...They have such a nice silky feel to them.....Is there a reason you don’t give pressing directions with your blocks??? Just wondering.....Dot M. In Pa.


I agree with Dot Murdoch...I am using the same fabrics as you and love them. They're a great quality. I'm enjoying this quilt and am also using my new Gemini, so it's very helpful watching your video. I'm very thankful for the color photo of your block, as it's hard for me to follow the directions for Gemini cutting when I'm not sure which fabric you're talking about. (I'm fairly new at quilting and easily confused ;).

My question is - would it be possible for you to note which of your fabrics you're using in the cutting instructions?

Example: Medium fabrics (GTH-37501)
– Cut 1 square 6.5” x 6.5”
– Cut 4 triangles 3.5” x 3.5”, etc.

Also, it's probably just me, but in block #3, it says to cut 4 squares 3.5"x3.5" from the "light" fabrics. I assumed that would be the white for the 1/2 square triangles in the corners of the block, expecting the instructions for the medium fabric would also be 3.5" squares. However, the cutting instructions for the medium fabric calls for 4 TRIANGLES 3.5" x 3.5". Then in the written instructions for ASSEMBLING the block, it says "Using the 4” light and 4” medium fabric SQUARES make HSTs". (I DO hope that makes sense).

Paula Johnson

After making block 3, I realized that my "background" fabric should probably be the same in every block. Is this correct?


Antiques is a great theme, thanks Patricia!


Dot I give pressing directions in my books. But not with any of my free patterns. it's way more work & editing to add that in and there is no budget for free to do that


Janice I don't do that for my weekly sew along as I want people to use their own creativity. If you follow my free Block of the Month or purchase any of my books & patterns I do give fabric place in those.

Not on my free weekly


There is no right or wrong way to make your block Paula. If you want it to look like mine, then use the fabrics as I am.


Thanks for Block 3, Pat, and your easy-to-follow tutorial both written and video! I used my new Gemini (Crafter's Companion) and am amazed to see how accurate the size of the pieces were cut. For the first time in my 30+ years at quilting, all of my points match!

Dot Murdoch

Ok....I understand.....Thanks for answering my question.....All quite up on my other projects & am off to cut & work on Block 3.....Dot

Lisa MacKay

I have wonderful memories of my Grandma's backyard garden. Trellises, arbors, butterflies, and flowers of all kinds everywhere! So my version of Flower Bouquet will be full of butterflies and birds as well as flowers. My fabric choices tend toward the darks and brights, so I'm intentionally trying to use more pastels and muted colors for this quilt. Stepping outside my comfort zone, and loving it so far! Walking on the not-so-wild side! Thanks Pat, for another awesome theme evoking special memories! 👏


HI All ! I am having a problem with the block #3 PDF- I am getting an error.... is anybody else having the problem, or know how I can obtain the pattern?


I got it to Print as soon as I sent this!!! Thank you anyway!

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