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Thanks, Pat, for the first block of the Flower Bouquet quilt. I have done all four of your past Wednesday sew-alongs and LOVED all of them! Thanks for all you do for us quilters.

I do have a question.....how big will the quilt be? If I would like to make it larger, can it be easily done? Thanks for answering my questions. Happy New Year!

Beverly Noble

LOVE this block...working on this and maybe a few more of them this weekend!!!!! Thanks Pat!!


Neat block, thanks for your Sew a longs, they inspire me to keep exploring and learning new tips and tricks to improve my sewing and quilting.


Sharon there will be 2 layouts. One is easier to expand than the other. I do not have that ready for you yet.


thank you! i love the block too!


Wonderful Karla!

Kathleen henson

Hi are we not getting the blocks via email. I don’t always look at face book
Don’t want to miss any. Thank you

Susan Du

Thanks Pat for the Sew Along. I'm SEW excited to use my Gemini!


Kathleen just like before, the email goes at 11am EASTERN so it is ALWAYS at my website prior to the email sending


Have fun Susan!

Lillian Merlin

Thank you for sharing.


And, so it begins! Happy New Year, and thank you for the patterns and encouragement to sew along!


Luv this block..don't know if I can wait for my Gemini to get here before I try it..lol thanks Pat


Hola....me encantaria poder comprar muchas cosas pero vivo en Argentina y la mayoría de las cosas no llegan...aún comprando por Amazon.....con lo cual imprimo todo lo que sea libre....en algun momento voy a comenzar a subir los bloques que voy haciendo...gracias por compartir

Barbara Grandon

Hi Pat. I have a fairly new AccuQuilt Go and wanted to know what dies to use for this block. Would it be a 3.5inch triangle and 3.5 in square?
Love the block and would love to participate using the die cutter I already have.

Thank you!


thanks for joining me Karen!


thanks for joining me Lillian!


oh the choices we have!


thanks for joining me Lillian!


Barbara I don't have an Accuquilt so I don't know what to tell you. I assume it is the same as this one as a shape is a shape is a shape. But honestly I don't use accuquilt nor have their dies. Ask a friend that has one to confirm it would be the same sizes. Or just try a block.


Join as you can Marita!

Claudia W

You are so generous! I love your blocks and I am learning so much from you! Thank you!!!


Do the pieces allow for 1/4 inch seam? I want to use my Go Big to cut but not sure I can cut the same size as your giving. Help anyone. Thanks.

Dewi Martha Indria

Hi Pat.. thank you for your free sew along quilt. For this week do we need to make only 1 block or 20 blocks? I confused because in the last page of the tutorial there is a picture of 20 blocks of this seed catalogue.


One block this week. The layout attached is to show you how you could make an entire quilt from this block alone if you wanted. Each block is a good teaching block and if you really like one then an entire quilt of the same block may be in your future

Denise Mohler

woohoo, block 1 is done and posted....I want to do my best to keep up with this one


Pat , morning. Always check your ‘alongs’ and enjoy looking at them. This one wil sew ‘along’ with everything. Your enthusiasm is fun and kind, thank you. Vikky (Australia)

Kristy Wilkinson

On the GO! cutters you look for the finished size. So for Pat's block today the finished size is 3" for each of the shapes, so your die will be 55006 (3 1/2" cut, 3" finished) for the squares and 55009 (GO half square- 3" finished) for the 3 inch finished half square triangles . The thing with die cutters is you look for finished sizes in the pattern to know what size die to use. Hope this helps! K-

Kristy Wilkinson

Look at my comment to Brenda below for the dies you would use for this block. Think finished size and remember it will be cut with seam allowance added. So you should end up with the same shapes as Pat is using. Hope this helps! K-

Denise Parish

Hi Pat, Thank you once more for your sew alongs. I have finished last years two and finally quilted them and my eldest son grabbed one of them immediately. He loves it. I won’t be able to start this years yet as we are heading of to Perth in Western Australia for a month to meet my newest granddaughter the only one not born nearby so it is not just a few minutes drive to see her. I miss that. Anyhow I will save all my emails and catch up once we get back. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Denise


Windy, Rainy, dreary day , perfect block too make today. Thank you Pat for a bright spot in my Day. Block was fun😊💕

Sharon Carbine

Great tip. Thank you, Kristy!

Donna McDermott

I’ve a couple of questions. Not done Pat’s sewalong before.

Do we make just ONE of each block? If we want a bigger quilt, make more?

I’ve signed up to subscribe and thought that would have joined me to the emails about the Flower quilt. Is there somewhere else I need to join?

Is it free? Fantastic but don’t mind paying either.

Kathryn Ashwander

I just love and can’t wait till Wednesday for the new block. I’ve made the grandma kitchen and the merry and bright. I bought the Gemini because I’m making five quilts using my dad shirts. We lost him last Christmas so it’s time to get stared on the memory quilts. I’m pretty sure this machine will help a hold lot. Thanks for all your videos.


This is my 1st sew along and I'm so excited! I'm doing this one and the out of the world bom one. I have the next 2 days off and can't wait to start this one and get my fabric for my out of the world block 1 and start that one as well.

lois willingham

hi pat made merry and bright and got yhe top done in time for Christmas. my family loved it as it was on my guest room bed for the evening. cant quilt it right now as I have to have eye surgery for blood behind the lens that I had cateract surgery for. very tiring trying to sew right now. will be joining flower guarden as soon as possible. as usual I will be breaking my stash for this. its over flowing out of my sewing room and into big totes until I have room in my drawers for it. one tote at a time. I really think that my biggest color will go into totes and leave my smaller collections in drawers so my daughter in law can raid it and help me use it up. after all she wants to inherit it lol


Love the block. I am picturing four as the center of a medallion style quilt. I have some flower fabrics wanting to be used. Thanks.


super!! Can't wait to see what you do!


Sounds like a great plan Lois!


Thank you for joining me!


Kathryn big hugs. Enjoy your new machine!


Hi Donna!
It is usually just one, but if I want you to make more I'll tell you. See the pattern where I tell you how many to make.

Donna if you didn't get an email, then you have to write me at pat@patsloan.com so I can verify you are actually signed up.

This is a free sew along. I appreciate that when you buy the things you need for ANY project that you use my links. That supports my small family business.


You are welcome! it's the same weather here!


I'm so happy you joined me Claudia!


Brenda I don't have a accuquilt or know anything about their dies. Others have given you tips. I also suggest you contact accuquilt or the place you purchased it to learn how to convert non die patterns to die numbers. That should be basic information they have for you. My gemini makes it so simple


Dewi each week we do one block. For every block I give you a BONUS layout at the back. I've done this for years. It lets you see how to use that block for a full quilt. The project is a sampler




Thank you Vikky!


Have a wonderful time Denise!!


Good Morning Pat. I have done 3 of your BOM starting with Globetrotter,and just finished my Lets Go Camping. I have not done a weekly sew along and didn't intend to until I saw your fabric choices. I bought your kit and here I go. Super excited. Thank you for doing these free sew alongs. I love them.

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