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Sarah Doty

As a Houstonian, I'm a huge Space/NASA fan. Rich worked in Clear Lake for 25 years and worked with contractor on the space station. (He's a graphic artist.) I'm going to play along with you on this one. I haven't done one of your quilts in years- I've just been collecting your fabric. lol

Hexagons- I like the one ring around. It allows more background to show. I love all the colors and fabrics. Maybe if you did the 2 rings you could put it on a larger piece of background fabric. I did like the colors you used on the final option you showed.

I'm ordering my fabric today and will be looking forward to the 1st block!

Denise Mohler

I just ordered my kit for Floral Bouquet... I am so excited. Hopefully I can keep up with this BOM.

Thanks Pat for another great mystery.


Muchas gracias Pat por tus maravillosos proyectos. Estoy muy emocionada. Saludos de Margarita.


Do you live in Florida? You mentioned you live near the shuttle.


OPS!!!! I guess I should have waited till the end of the video before sending comment. I guess you can't live in Florida since it had just snowed at your place.


I like the two ring a lot. But, if the background sizes worked out, maybe you could mix in a few four patch of singles in place of larger squares. It would make it a little asymmetrical, and that might be fun. That way you would get to use both designs.

Carlene J

I love EPP and have two quilts--a hexie and a Patchwork of the Crosses that I am working on while sitting in front of the TV at night. My favorite for you is the two ring on the dark background. I am like you in not wanting it scrappy colors in each ring but have different colored rings with the red center. It's going to be beautiful when you finish it!


My two cents: the larger 2 ring version with the red in the middle of all of them. Against the dark grey background your dark grey could go in the middle ring with the white or light grey outside. Changing up the rings would give a scrappy look overall but not messy as you said. I like the idea of the texture change on the background fabric. I found you online with the Solstice Challenge and I am looking forward to making something that is not so big. I don't interact much but I love reminiscing with you. Ciao, Tamara

Linda Jensen

I like the single ring; it makes more of a statement. I, too, seem to put off doing the binding. I have 2 quilts I finished and had quilted about 6 years ago. Just need the binding. It's such a boring part of quilting!
Really enjoy your "Fireside Chats" and all of your many free quilt patterns. I started Merry and Bright but got behind so not sure I'll get it finished this year but I'm going to make a sincere effort.
Have a great Thanksgiving!


I do have the Non binding bug too! LOL you should have a slumber binding party! We all grab one of your quilts to bind :D

Rebecca Christie

I like the two ring hexi idea... I ordered the kit for the space block of the month - the fabric was just too cute to not buy it (I think I got the last one available from Fat Quarter Shop). I'm gong to pull from my stash for the weekly flower bouquet. I really really need to use up some of my stash and I think it will go well with the flower blocks. So excited to start new stuff. I'm going to finish up this years sew alongs eventually. Ha ha ha. Seemed I was on the road a lot this year. But January first starts a new year and I can start again. (I also ordered a block of the month from another site which will be mailed out. It's one I've been wanting for a long time, and figured the kits coming in the mail would be an incentive to actually do the quilt rather than just buying the pattern. It's the Farm Girl Vintage from stitchin' heaven. Thank you Pat for all the fun and encouragement.

PT Quilter Originals

First of all, Pat, I really enjoyed your Fireside Chat!
Regarding the heck flowers, I think you loose the
‘flower’ look if you have two rings. I like your background
textured fabrics. Maybe use three flowers:
(1) white ring with red center
(2) light grey with red center and
(3) red ring with white or grey center

Nancy Patrick

Enjoyed the “Fireside Chat”! I signed up for the BOM.....the Fat Quarter Shop is out of your fabric, I’m on the back order list. Excited to start the new year with a new quilting project with you. You are simply the best Pat. Thank you for all that you do for all of us, your followers. I know that I have learned a lot from you.....safe travels this holiday and Happy Thanksgiving to you, your shipping department, and your family.


Sarah I am excited you'll sew along!


The weekly is very easy to keep up Denise, we'll have fun!


thank you!


I do not live in FL, I live in Virginia next to the https://airandspace.si.edu/udvar-hazy-center and I have a deep love of the space shuttle as you'll find out on this sew along!


that might be fun Sandy!




thanks, it's great to hear from you Tamara!


Happy Thanksgiving Linda!


that would be fun!


sounds like an awesome plan Rebecca! i love kits in the mail, they are the best!


Thank you!


It will be back in Nancy, that first group sold like lightening! thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

June Bielli

Hi Pat,
Thank you for all the time and thought you put into the "Fireside Chat" and all the patterns! I love hearing you speak, it's like you are in the room with all of us. I like both of the sizes; a new thought: you might like to alternate blocks, so you will have a reds and whites, then the next block could be reds and greys. I,too, don't care for the scrappy one,
P.S. Binding is hard because of arthritis and because I don't like to do it! Ha: Ha:
I also enjoy the weekly quilt along for Merry and Bright and can't wait to finish it. Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you for the sweet not June! I'm so happy you enjoy my fireside chats! Try doing the binding by machine, it should be much easier. I have a tutorial at https://patsloan.typepad.com/quiltershome/pat-sloan-machine-binding-tutorial.html


Just reading about the 2 - 2019 BOMs. In reading the following comments, I find myself confused by the reference of one ring or two rings. What quilt are those comments referring to?
Jackie M.

shirley marvin

Love the red -white and gray. Going to take you in a different direction. Love both the single ring and the double ring but do not like the gray background, even though you do, Do you have that material in white also. If so how about small on either of the 2 background colors and the larger on the other background.?

A different problem that I am having. Moved and changed e-mail provider, have tried several times to sign up for your e-mails and nothing happens. Just signed up again so will see if it works this time.


Jackie the people are leaving 'ring' comments about what is in my VIDEO.. not the sew alongs. Did you watch my video yet?


I love the grey Shirley, so it's staying.
The email you left for this comment has never signed up so I just added it.

Terry Harfner

I agree with you...I like the double hexie ring. It makes the block more interesting.
Thank you for all you do for us. Terry

Chris Squire

Hexagons: I prefer the red centers with white and gray on a single ring and on the woven background. I think alternating a gray block and then a white block would be striking. Love your colors. Personally, I think the double ring is just too busy.
Thanks for the chat!


out of this 2orld is my favorite, I would REALLY enjoy seeing the space shuttle! thanks for entertaining everyday and helping me learn new techniques, skills and I particularly enjoy your variety of guests onyour podcast!

Vera Fernandes

As for BINDING,I have a semi-rule, I can quilt at least 5-7 quilt tops, though I can’t start another quilt project until at least 5 quilt tops are bound, completing the binding gets me excited to getting to my next project. Sometimes I want to finish a project that I complete the whole quilt and bind to have a finished project, and again, the excitement to start a new project.

Vera Fernandes

I like the two rings, contrasting colors with the red center to pop. What I’d would like is your supply list for the glue stick and the hexie paper, thanks!

Grace Kresie

I also like the double rings and would like to know the info on the Dixie papers.

Jan G

Just now getting achance to watch. Excited for the new BOMs! Loved the section on hexies - have started doing them this fall. I like the larger one on your block.

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