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Mary Ellen Perry

Got my wool mat a few months back, LOVE IT!! Thanks for the review, I may buy another to take to sewing group or retreat that isn't as large as my 17(?) x 24,

Phyllis Bartos

Love my wool mat

Karen Barrie

Thanks for the review..did not know how cool the back stays...on my Christmas list as my husband never knows what to get me !!! Going Big...but agree the small or medium is perfect for retreats...

Michele Raiola

I was just asking someone about ironing boards. I feel like mine is too soft and and doesn't allow for a good press. Just put the wool mats on my Christmas list.


I think firm is really better for pressing, you will love it! Be sure to use my link to support my small family business Michele


You will love it! Be sure to use my link to support my small family business Karen!


me too!


yes get another Mary Ellen!

Cheryl Brock

Love my wool mat and am enjoying the second sampler.


Oh, my, yes! I have one of those squishy mats with the reflective fabric on top. I hate it. It slides all over, too. I need the wool mat. I do have a thin white pressing cloth which is probably a 12 inch square and I love it.

Mary Dinkel

How does the wool tolerate starches and sprays?


those squishy mats are icky, upgrade Penny!


Mary think about it this way. If you spray starch on a piece of fabric...like your ironing board cover, over and over and over and over. What happens? it builds up and it may scorches. Then you wash your ironing board cover.

Wool is going to be the same. It's fiber. If you spray stuff on it, then keep spraying stuff, eventually you need to wash it. You can wash it by hand and hang dry. It's 1" thick so you have to be gentle.


I just learned about how you can turn old wool sweaters into new things like mittens and potholders and decided I'm going to turn 1 into an ironing mat! :-) :-) wish me luck, lol

Jo Stauffer

Thanks for this review,Pat. I bought a mat before I found that you had reviewed them and had a link to purchase, or I would have used yours, because I appreciate all that you do for us quilters. I have made several of your Mysteries and gave them for Project Linus (Let's Go Camping) donation or Quilts of Valor, (Children's Library, In the Summertime), etc. I am constantly sewing and love the wool mat for pressing my parts and pieces. Now here is the question I have been searching the internet for an answer. Why is my iron getting scorch marks on it when I press on the mat? I am using a T-fal iron, I have backed my temperature down a bit from Cotton,on the steam setting and it is still happening. When I first used it, I did not use the Best Press which I often use, because I wanted to get an unadulterated impression of the mat. I can't figure out why this is happening. I have not heard anyone else talk about it. Can you help? Thanks for any insight you may have. It is very annoying to have to clean my iron so often when I am not even using fusibles!!

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