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That was a great video. Thanks for sharing and explaining your process.

Iris Rivera

Thanks Pat, great explanation now I understand a lot better. Im self thought quilter and not always understand the terminology. I was confused about what is a setting block. And now I know. 😉

Jackie T

Enjoyed your explanation of your design process. It helps me realize the value of buying a set of fabrics where the work of putting different fabrics together is done. Thank you.

Michele Quier

Thank you for the video explaining more about your thoughts and the process for this quilt. Very helpful. I have only been sewing and quilting for a little over a year so this is my first sew along. I am enjoying it very much. I like the feeling of being creative instead of following a specific pattern. Makes me think more into my block selections before sewing them. Thanks!

Jennifer Owens

I am having fun so far and can’t wait for the next block.


Glad it helped!


Welcome to Quilt Making Iris! You need to get my teach me book... they are at http://shrsl.com/iq3o


Jackie it's a great option to start with a bundle. Then you can add to that base if you like, It's a super way to work


Welcome to the world of Quilt Making Michele! Cool you are learning new things. You should get my teach me books now at http://shrsl.com/iq3o


Wonderful Jennifer!

Jan G

Thanks, Pat. Loved your video and all other videos you have made for your sew-a-longs. I have been quilting for a few years and learn something new each time I watch or participate! Thanks for all you do for us.


I am having problems with this quilt. The weekly blocks are great but with these setting blocks they are lost. The setting blocks take over the design and leave our beautiful blocks behind. I don't think fabric selection matters, the y just get lost in the overall scheme of the quilt. Some of them you have to look really hard to see. The setting blocks should frame and fade into the background, not leave you struggling to identify each block. They just jumble together in a busy mess.


Is it OK that I made all my setting blocks the same?


Thank you for doing the closed caption my sister is deaf and follows your quilts along so this is a perfection addition. Thanks

Denise Parish

I have participated in the last five sew alongs and use my own colour selection mostly because we are unable to get the ones you use, but watching this one I know for certain I will be using a totally different colour scheme. As stated previously the blocks appear to be lost in the setting therefore I will be looking at different colours for my quilt. Love your sew alongs so please keep them coming. Great videos also.

Janice Gwin

Thank you Miss Pat! Really enjoying it!

Doreen Roksvaag

Time for me to get started! Thank you for all the thoughtful and informative lessons. I just love making quilts with you!

June Bielli

Your videos are very helpful. I am glad I did not make my setting blocks before the video came out. I now have a better understanding of color placement also. You do a great job of teaching as well as designing Pat, and I am grateful for all the effort you put into helping us. Thank you.

Denise Mitchem

Great video Pat! I love everything about this quilt. Fabric, the layout.....everything. The fabric is very "Chistmasy" to me. It reminds me of the colors around our house at Christmas when I was a kid. To this day, I'm still drawn to that tradition.

Donna Hanneman

love the video


I was doing the blocks in two different colors because I wanted to give my two daughters a quilt for Christmas. I can't combine the blocks because one is in blues and whites and one is in red and greens and whites. We should have been told in the beginning about the layout. It is going to have way too much white to look like a Christmas quilt.


Thank you for sharing this. It helped explain a lot. Love your quilt alongs!


Thanks Pat for the great video, I also enjoy watching you online and all the tips you share.

Susie Fargis

Mot only do I love everything you do - but I LOVE YOUR TURQUOISE RING!!!!

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