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Victoria Lipp

What a surprise! Thanks, Pat Sloan, for creating a fantastic Christmas quilt for us to make.

Rochelle Biermann

So I can’t print pattern
until the 25th?

Corinne Lake

Thank you, Pat. I am excited to begin this one. I am awaiting my fabric to arrive. 7/26 is the date for me!



Joy Hardin

Love this idea


Rochelle I'm confused. Did you click the word DOWNLOAD? It gives you the pdf.. what do you think you have to wait?

Marylois richardson


Michele Quier

Thank you. I am looking forward to making this once my fabric arrives.


Love all things Christmas, thank you for the Merry & Bright Christmas Quilt Along. I can start the first block until my other fabric arrives. You are wonderful and I love to Quilt and I love your tutorials. I've forwarded your "I Love to Make Quilts" site to my quilting friends.

Donna Johnston

I have been waiting for this project. I have so much Christmas fabric. Thanks for creating a fun quilt.

Mary Green

I think this will finally get me moving on making myself a Christmas quilt.


Thank you ! You are Terrific !


Is the white squares on the roof corners supposed to be our background fabric?


Rene on this block that is what I used.. each block is different




Just ordered my fabric, printed block #1, & can’t wait for fabric to arrive so I can get started

Anita Jackson

I just love the houses! My favorites displayed thus far are those with the characters in the widows! The Grinch & Who Family, Micky Mouse -Goofy & Minnie!, Santa & Snowmen, Puppies And even Mr. McGoo decorating a tree. It gives me wonderful inspiration! I purchased an Abundance of the Swell and deciding if I want to use much of it in mine! Thanks for yet another Fun and Exciting sew along. The mystery always intrigues me!

paulette whitfield

such cute blocks! Can't wait to see what I have in my stash so mine can be cute too!:)


Thank you for the pattern, what a cute block, am going through my stash to see what I can come up with.

Linda Navarro

Hey there Pat. I know surprises and secrets surround Christmas BUT I was wondering if you have an idea when the layout will come? I am going to try quilt as you go this time around.

Yvonne Elliott

This is so going out of my bubble here. I love to make rug blankets. I even teach class on them, but have never tried any thing else.

Rachelle Larsen

I love everyone's blocks. I am so happy to found this group and have fun sewing with others.

Iris Sturgiss

Iris Sturgiss
My I join please

Virginia Hughes

Have I missed block #2 or is it to make 3-4 extra houses.


Virginia this is block #1. Block #2 is next week. Just one a week on Wednesday, thanks for sewing along!


Welcome aboard!


Sorry I don't know which month yet Linda, it will be earlier rather than later, but i have to see how it fits into my schedule

Linda Navarro

Thanks for responding. This is just like Christmas---anticipating and waiting and surprises. You are the best.

Patsy dalton

I cannot find the pattern. I don’t know what I am doing wrong

Mary Grace Frank

I can’t find the pattern either. What’s up?


Patsy do you see this in my article?
.. highlighted in PINK? CLICK IT

Download Pat Sloan Mystery Merry and Bright Block 1



Mary do you see this.. highlighted in PINK? CLICK IT

Download Pat Sloan Mystery Merry and Bright Block 1


Michelle H

Thanks so much, Pat! This is going to be so much fun! I am snooping through my stash (my Christmas fabric stash is...substantial!!) and going to get working on my house block this week! There are already so many adorable ones! I love your sew alongs and am so excited about this one!



Carol Laforet

I never thought about making a house quilt as we do this Merry and Bright quilt. What a fantastic idea. Thanks Pat for all the fun things you do for us.

Eileen Aimone

Please sign me for Christmas block of the week.

Thank You, Eileen Aimoe


Thank you Pat for the Sew Along. This block has been so much fun to create as I am using leftover fabrics (although not christmas related) from two quilts I made for two of my daughters. It will be so much fun when they are Home for the Holidays for them to see what I have done with the scraps. Thank you very much and do look forward to seeing this quilt through.

Liz Dickson

I just finished the first block for Merry and Bright and I love it! I would send a picture but I am not that tech savvy. Thanks for the directions and inspiration. Liz


Where may I find the Merry & Bright Block 2/17? Did I miss it above?



Thank You! Now to get started. The blocks all look wonderful...looks like fun..

maria elena

Am I too late to get in this group?


Join right in Maria!

Cherryl S Miller

Have just found your "Merry & Bright" Quiltalong!! I'm doing the Splendid Sampler 2 Sewalong and enjoying it so thought I would like to join in yours too. Hope I'm not too late! Have put my email & name below so looking forward to your Newsletters & postings of Blocks each week.

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