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Mary Deeter

Thanks Pat for this fun Quilt-along and the great stories that have been shared. I'm a little behind, because I was on "grandma duty" and traveling, but I will catch up!! I did mine in 30's repro fabrics, as they reminded me so much of the aprons my Grandma Bessie used to wear. She was a "comfort food" cook! Thank you again! (And, by the way, the discount I got on my Oliso iron, by using your link was GREATLY appreciated!!)


Pat, thank you for this wonderful quilt-along. I have so enjoyed making the blocks, and once I finish the final two, my top will be finished. I'm going to quilt mine in one piece, but I'm eager to read about how you are going to do yours in sections. Maybe I'll try my next quilt using that technique. Thanks again for all you do for us.

Shelly Steele

Good morning!! Thank you, Pat, for a wonderful journey! This was my first quilt along and what a fun time, so many great memories shared here and within my family, made some new friends through the online support of one another, learned some things and improved quite a bit during this project. It's been so special on so many fronts, so thank you for that! Looking forward to more Fun with Pat and all your followers!! Happiest of holidays to you!! - Shelly

Deborah Fields

I’m a ‘20’s/‘30’s retro fabric freak. The kind of freak that collects it but is too afraid to cut it! I’ve now collected your patterns and I know how I’m going to use my fabric now. I waited to see the outcome and I’m sooooo glad I have it in my iBooks. Great stories! Thanks

Judy Chastain

This is my favorite block. It reminds me of what I called Grammie Cookies. My grown boys know them well and they are still their favorites. Grammie's recipe card notes that her sister, my great Aunt Nell gave her the recipe for the sour cream cookies. I once made a batch and mailed them to my son for his birthday in early January; they arrived about a month later and were dried up crumbs! LOL

Sheila Oxley

It seems like we just started this! Of course it was a little warmer then! Thank you Pat for another wonderful QAL! This is my first QAL from start to finish, but I did do the Solstice quilt while waiting for blocks...I still admire it every time I walk in my room!!!! I am a little behind on this but plan on knocking these blocks out this week. It's been so wonderful reading about your memories and those of the other quilters. Mine is more about my mom, whom I'm gifting the quilt to this Christmas. We make cookies together and have our favorites that just have to be made. She isn't one to do cut out cookies, I am! And her favorite that I make are the sugar cookies!!


That cookie recipe has got to be great just from reading the 'heavy cream' in the ingredients! My Italian grandma made pizzelle by the bushel basket - literally a bushell basket lined in tea towels.


Pat, I finished up mine while ago with only 4 rows to get it to my Mom for Christmas. Someday I will make the rest of the blocks. This was fun to do and to remember MY grandmothers. And think about what my granddaughter will remember about me someday. Thanks for a fun project. Looking forward to the next one!

Merry Christmas, Cherie

Arlene Froelich

I have to sew the last three blocks yet then sew the row together. My problem is I do not have a backing yet. I have no idea what to do for my back. Help please can anyone give me suggestions? Pat what do you recommend for the backing your quilts are always so beautiful. I am basically using the same fabric you used.


Very appropriate for today as we are baking Christmas cookies!

Josefina Flores

Thank you Pat for sharing the wonderful quilt pattern. I hope you had a fun time sharing precious memories of your Grandma with the quilting world. Merry Christmas!

S Mae Rosa

This project was a fun one in reminiscing about Grandma's influence in our life. Thanks Pat for the cute blocks and stories shared by others. Now to finish up!

Marion Desatnik

Thank you for being so generous with your time and talents, and sharing these quilt blocks with all of us. I know what a hectic time it can be around Christmas with all the planning for the big day!

Thank you again, and wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas, and a happy, healthy New Year.

Marion Desatnik

Jillian @Sydney Australia

Thankyou Pat...Something new for me, didn't have grannies, but loved reading everyone's stories including yours. So many different traditions from the Aussie way, and all wonderful!!😊😊♥️♥️


Hi. Just getting ready to sew the last block up. Thank you so much for a the quilt along.

Can I clarify....I planned on also doing the quilting challenge, but most of my top is put together. Should I not be putting the whole top together? You mentioned that you are only sewing the rows of 2 strips of blocks - or is that just for the QAYG?

Erna O'Shea

I don't know why I can't find a way to print #25 from your e-mail, but I can't
Help, please


Did you post the finish directions?


Of course, you saved the best one for last... Grandma's Cookies... Afraid I'm running behind. Will eventually catch up. As for cookies, your recipie sounds like it would be a good one for paint brush cookies. That is, if you leave the baking soda out of them so they don't rise. If you don't have the cream of tartar on hand, can substitute nutmeg for same. We were raised on the paint brush cookies. You use holiday cookie cutters for cutting the cookies out and after they are baked and cooled off. Then you paint them with small craft paint brushes with different colored icings (confectioners sugar and food coloring, water or milk, etc.) and decorate them with colored sprinkles, colored sugars, chocolate sprinkles, and other cookie decorations with no two cookies ending up being exactly alike. As kids, we loved doing them up and had our own offsprings doing them too. We looked forward to doing them up every year throughout the generations...

Nita Chase

Pat thank you for this wonderful quilt along, I actually made two versions, one in modern colors and one in 20’s and 30’ repo prints. Loved the whole process. Merry Christmas 😊

Donna J

Both my grandma's loved to bake....one owned a bakery and the other baked for a bakery (not the same bakery). My maternal grandmother would bake cookies for us for family dinners. One Sunday, I bit into a chocolate chip bar cookie and it had a plastic bread tab in it. My guess is it had fallen into the bowl or pan and she didn't notice it. She was adamant that I had made up the whole story and that wasn't in the cookie ~ didn't matter that my mom, aunt, and cousins were sitting there and witnesses as it happened. It was a joke for years. She died 16 years ago ~ I would love to eat another of her cookies or cakes....even with the bread tab! Thanks for these blocks. I included several of them in the wedding quilt I made my daughter.

Carol Love Rice

My favorite memory I think would have to be the Apron . . .I didn't have any time around my grandmothers, but my mother was the age of my friends grandmothers . .so my memories are of my mother and she always wore a bib top apron when she was at home. They all had big pockets and one thing that was always present in one of those pockets was a pretty handkerchief . .used to wipe a smudge off a dirty face, or tears from a crying child, or even a running nose. Good memories.

Carolyn B

I would try to choose a favorite fabric used in the quilt. The stripe may be difficult to piece but an overall floral would piece together well. I like my backing to be lighter than my overall quilt but that is my preference. Tone on tone colors work well.

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