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Lynn Hoks

I remember grandma's purse and yes it was large. Don't remember anything special in it though.


My grandma's purse was always black and usually had nothing more than her wallet and a hankie that she embroidered in it.
I haven't started my Grandma's kitchen blocks yet. I have so many things started that I decided to get a handle on them before starting a new project. I am saving all the blocks so I can do them later. I can't wait to start it. I love the colors you are using Pat. Thank you for doing these for us all.


I can't believe you didn't have a Grandma's Hankie block!! :-)

Mark Mulder

Pat. My Grandmother used to put her purse in the oven figuring a thief would never look there until one day she turned on the oven and forgot about the purse inside.

This has been a fun series of blocks and memories of one of the most important persons in our lives. She taught me so many things about needle and fiber art as well as cooking.

She and I always said to each other I Love you lots and lots and loads and loads.
She would have been 116 this year and I miss her so much everyday.


We all have such fun memories and no two people have the same ones!


Thank you Bonnie!


I have no memories of hankies from my grandma's Marsha. But last week was your chance to honor that thing you remember that I didn't ... so there is your chance!


Mark I bet she was surprised! I'm so glad you have wonderful memories and joined me on this sew along!

Denise Parish

My Grandmothers were obviously from a far different era from most of yours. My maternal grandmother lived in the town and had boarders that was a full time job so she never went out much and when she did it was always make sure you had clean underwear and a clean hankie tucked into your belt, she never carried a purse and we had very few if any Sunday lunches at her house because of the boarders. My a Grandmother on Dads side lived in the bush most of her vey hard life, but when she finally moved into a small country town she just stayed at home and friends or family would shop for her. No purses or anything flash except for her ‘good’ dinner set which belonged to her granny and was brought to Australia on the ship and then carried on a bullock and drey to south Australia from Sydney. So it was a very prized possession. But we would turn up un announced on a Sunday to a full and delicious Sunday roast with all the trimmings. My Dad would ask is she was expecting guests and she would say. Just you guys. She was sycic but I used to wonder at times if she did it every Sunday just in case we arrived. It was not until dad moved my grandparents to out town when my pop retired [he had been a ‘Bushy’ all his life and worked 7 days a week and only got time home every four years] that they saw television and you stayed clear or my grandmother or you would have been in a head lock as she only watched the wrestling. She was only just 5foot tall but could drop my Dad who was 6 foot 2 easily. We all stood way back from her on wrestling days. Still makes me laugh about that today.

Marci Smithler

I remember my grandmother's purse smelling like mint and leather all the time, she always had mint gum. I'd politely ask her for a piece but I had to do a small chore first, like put the dishes away or something like that. Then she would allow me to enter the secret world of grandmother's bottomless bag to an adventure awaiting me in search of that delish minty gum.

Kellie Campbell-Mulkey

Hello everyone. My name is Kellie and I was wondering if I could get some advice and/or suggestions on a quilt that I am planning on starting after Christmas? I'm a confident beginner quilter and I'm a horse crazy gal. Lol. I have loads of horse fabric but I have not been able to think of a pattern for my quilt. I have 2 or 3 panels but I was not planning on putting all of them on one quilt. I have fleece horse fabric for the backing but I need some help on doing the top of the quilt. I would very much appreciate any advice or suggestions that I could get from any of y'all. Thank you so much in advance. Kellie.


I know this is probably a crazy question. I have never quilted my quilts. Do I cut the backing and batting foe each section?


That should say for

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