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Hi Pat,
Oh my goodness - that dial fabric is just PERFECT for this block. I will be using some cute buttons instead . . . but that fabric is very, very tempting! ~smile~ Roseanne

Sandy Mahoney

I just love this block, perfect fabric. I'm like kid in candy store on Wednesday wait for new block.

Elizabeth Davis

I am behind and not able to sew right now as I am recuperating from surgery. But I think this is the first block I do when I can. My mom's mom lived many states away. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and our birthdays were special became she called. The only way I knew her was through those phone calls.


My granny didn't have a phone until my papa passed. She didn't have a tv either. We played games and listened to the Big old radio. The phone was rotary dial that hung on the wall.

Arlene Froelich

I love the phone block, my dad parents had a black phone that was similar to this in their home, my moms parents had the old fashion wall phone that your turned a crank on the side of the phone held the hearing piece to your ear and talked into the mouth piece that came out of the front of the phone. This was what they used for years but when then got the new modern phone in their home they still kept the old phone connected the my Uncles house that lived across the pasture. We used to love going to grandmas and calling our cousins on the old phone.

Sandy Gray

It’s already sold out on Amazon 😢. Can we get it anywhere else?


such a sweet memory.. recuperate fast!


the charm packs have a square of both colors, but hurry! http://shrsl.com/nhnq otherwise you will have to hunt the internet or applique it with my pattern


My grandparents lived in a town and had a party line connection for their phone. We lived in the city and always had a private line. I remember wondering why no one was answering the phone, until the party line concept was explained to me.


At some point I probably spoke with your grandma. I was a telephone operator for 10 years. I never had a grandma since one died before I was born and the other one when I was a baby but this block will surely fit me since my first full time job after high school graduation was a telephone operator.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Just looked at the samples of 5" charms. Looks like it would be very much the luck of the draw as there are no complete phone circles on any of those pictured. Are there fat quarters any place? BTW, love this block. There were no phones in our homes until I was in high school. Grandparents didn't have them until much later as no phone lines in the rural farm areas. Letter writing was how everyone kept in touch.


I too was a telephone operator after graduation from high school for about a year. My grandma's telephone was the old fashion kind that the mouthpiece was on the wall unit and had a separate ear piece. My bachelor uncle that lived with Grandma had an extension installed next to his recliner chair, but wouldn't answer it. Grandma had to answer then tell him it was for him. I'm going to try and do that kind of phone when I get a chance to start working on the blocks after getting the house decorated.

Nanette Chopin Cook

My first 'rea' job while in high school was as a PBX operator - talk about fun and games wit wires and making sure that calls went to the correct person!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nanette Chopin Cook

OOPS - 'real'

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