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Technically, the Mending Basket would not be in Grandma's Kitchen, HOWEVER, I'll let you slide on that one, Pat because I have a home-based dressmaking/home furnishingS/alterations business and THIS IS MY FAVORITE BLOCK SO FAR!!! I am going to use this block in so many ways! Thank you.


My 'Grandma' belonged to her little sewing group "Chat N Sew" and did mending only. My 'Grandmother' sewed everything! She sewed for pay, made her family's clothing, and taught me to sew at age 10. She also taught me to knit, crochet and embroider. I have her sewing chest, the kind that open like an accordion on each end. I also have her Featherweight and many notions. My two grandma's kitchens were very, very different from each other. I am enjoying this project. Thank you, Pat.

Cathy Koger

I just started quilting in February. I have only finished 3 lap quilts and I'm working on a BOM at my LOS. Your quilt along is the most fun I've had so far. I love it and can't wait for each new block to come out. Unfortunately, I needed surgery which set me back a little bit but I'll catch up. I bought your quilting book and Marti Mitchel's Quilting in Sections tutorial. I am thrilled you are thinking about doing a sew along to help us finish our quilts. That would just be the icing on the cake! I have learned so much since I joined your web site and it is so much fun to see what the other members create. Thanks for all you do for us. YOU ROCK!!

Sherry Neiss

My Grandma kept her sewing basket in the kitchen. While she was cooking she sat at the kitchen table and did her mending or embroidery. I can't believe she darned socks to make them last longer.


I don't ever remember my Granny sewing at all. I know she did crochet dollies because I have some of her projects.

Lynn D

I don't think grandma's sewing basket was visible for any of us to use or even look at but I do remember her really large jar of buttons. My time spent at grandma's was organizing her buttons by color, size, design. At the end of the day I would dump them all back into the jar and do it all again next time we visited.

Karen Parker Poling

I can't picture a sewing basket in any of my three grandmas' kitchen, though they must have had them. My great aunt was like a bonus grandma and her whole home was all about sewing - doll making, teddy bears, baby quilts, crochet, knitting, and she made all the clothing for herself, her husband and daughter as well as pajamas for all the "grandkids" at Christmas. This time of year I start thinking a lot about her as I am buried in gift making projects. I am blessed to still have numerous items from her sewing room.

Jean Borsellino

Hi Pat! Great block! I have my mother's and grandmother's darning tool for socks - it's wooden and always in my Mom's sewing basket. My Mom would darn socks in the kitchen while dinner was simmering on the stove.


Actually BSewinglady that IS where my grandma had her mending basket!


gorgeous memory!


you are doing great!!


i know a lot of grandma's did!


love that you had a bonus grandma!


awesome memory, multi-tasking grandma!

Little Quiltsong

Love this block! My mom had a small sewing basket in the kitchen - top shelf of her little pantry alcove. No need to run to the basement sewing room if a button or shirt etc quickly needed mending. What wonderful memories this block of yours brings to mind.

Judy Davis

I Grandma Rose was a quilter. She would make quilts out of double knit polyester. I have 2 baby quilts that she made. She used a sewing machine, wish I knew what happened to that machine. This is an awesome block, will diffidently use this one again.

Jillian @Sydney Australia

I haven't made any comment about my Nanna as I didn't really know her....we were never really spoken to as kids, but I'm enjoying reading everyone else's stories...would have been nice....

Cathy Snyder

My Grandma's basket was in the living room beside her chair. I remember playing in the buttons and with her scraps for quilts. My grand kids did the same with mine when they were little. But so far my son is the best sewer of all of them.


My Grandmother’s basket was wooden,round and had a handle. My uncle sent it from Hawaii. I can remember walking around her house swinging that basket- thank goodness it had a lid.

Polly Stahl

I inherited my grandmother's sewing basket which included her darning egg. Whenever she came to visit she sat in our living room darning socks, mostly my Dad's socks. I can't say I have ever successfully darned a sock but I did try once or twice with a favorite pair. I still have the darning egg though! I have been enjoying this quilt along although I have fallen behind. I'll catch up soon!


I love hearing all the stories of grannies and sewing. My grandmother sewed but she lived in Ohio and we lived in Tenn. But my mother liked to sew and passed it along to me. It was economic to sew back then so we did it to have school clothes that were in style. I thought everyone had a sewing machine in their home. Yes good memories.

Bonita Rankey

I stayed a lot with my Great Gramma, she lived in an old farmhouse out in the country. Tho I don't recall seeing a mending or sewing basket she DID have an old Treadle Singer Sewing machine and once in awhile she'd use it. I sure wish I knew where that went, but one of her grand-daughters probably has it. I'm happy to have a Featherweight now.

Penny Kraemer

Love this block and would love to share it with the our quilting group in Florida, is this allowed.? One of our group passed your site to me and I know others would enjoy it too.

Rosemary L

I don't remember my Nana having a sewing box, but she did have a treadle machine that I learned to sew on. I still have the cabinet. I treasure it!

I love the layout! I have finally caught up on all my blocks...I was a few..well, several!...weeks behind. I have been on a sewing marathon these past few days! I have been auditioning fabrics for the sashing between blocks. It is difficult. Trying to stay with the same one, but not sure. I have some jelly rolls in solids, and I think that will be the way I go.
Thanks Pat for all you do. You are an inspiration to many quilters out there. I love your designs and patterns and fabrics!


Hi Pat,
This is my favorite block so far.
I love it!
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and skills.
Best wishes to you for a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.

P.S. I hope that my grand-daughters' have warm and vivid memories of me as you do of your grand-mothers.

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