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Cindy Cox

Pat, you are so adorable! I look forward to any and all communication from you! I need you to know I really NEED this jelly roll in my life!!

I love this Grandma's kitchen sew along. What a great idea! You are GENIUS!


At the farm, where my grama lived, it was breakfast, dinner, and supper. Every time you tell a story, I do think of my gramas and what went on. This is a happy series for me. Thank you sew much.

Anita Jackson

Cute, I am not sure what they were called. I just don't remember. But I usually call noon time a lunch and evening time dinner. Memories are stored up and a touch of them are surfaced with each prompt you give with your blocks, such fun!


First off I was thinking I was losing my mind......could it possibly be Wednesday already?!? Haven't done block #12 yet as I was at Missouri Star Quilts last week.
We have lunch as our noon meal and @ 5 p.m. it can be called either dinner or supper.
Waiting patiently for a layout of this current sew-a-long.

Sheila Oxley

We had Sunday dinner (at dinner time)at my mom and dads. When dinner was over, the dishes were done and the table clear off we would play a game. We were serious board game players! hahaha Always play to win! Great memories!!!

Suzie Wilder

Do I need a jelly roll.....YES, YES, YES....PICK ME!

Peggy Woodruff

Would love to receive a jelly roll from you. My stash is calling for it.

Rosemary McGuire

I don't have kitchen memories of my grandmother. She was a career lady, who had raised several children by herself. I remember only a couple of things she cooked for us, and it would be better to forget. There was spinach and rhubarb, full of sand. Bran muffins (which I really like) with lumps of flour. Not much of a cook, but I loved her. What I remember most about her home, was the Murphy bed. I thought that was the MOST wonderful thing ever!
Loved my Grandma, but not her expertise on the kitchen. LOL


Growing up on a farm it was always breakfast, dinner and supper. Now we use lunch for the mid-day meal and I guess we only use dinner for the evening meal when going out! I would love a jelly roll, thank you for the chance at winning!

Nancy Hambright

I am loving this Grandma Kitchen series. Thank you for all the wonderful things you give us. I always try to go to your website and make a purchase to thank you for your generosity.


Here on the farm in Kansas, we have breakfast, dinner and supper. Dinner is the main meal and supper is a lighter version of dinner. Depending which season we are in, planting bailing hay, harvest, and my least favorite winter. During the first 3 seasons dinner is mosty taken to the field but a big meal. Then supper is sometimes eaten in the field again and then a light snack at 10pm when the work in done for the day. In the winter dinner is again the largest meal with supper being soup and leftovers and desert. I can tell you that is a whole lot of cooking and transporting and washing up on one day. In the field the guys and gals like fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, bread & butter pickles, sliced tomatoes, sometimes another veg depending what is in the garden and pie, cake and cookies. Ice tea being the favorite, sometimes lemon aid but it tends to be too sweet for long hot afternoons. Roast beef and baked ham is also a favorite.
I would love a jelly roll have a new pattern which calls for a jelly roll.

Sandy Gray

Thanks Pat, I love these patterns and hope to get them made this winter!

Barb K.

At my home growing we had breakfast, dinner and supper in that order.
Would be excited to win your jellyrolls!


Making your Grandma's Kitchen and your Children's Library. Love your patterns and would be thrilled to win a jellyroll.


We have breakfast, dinner, and supper. My fondest memory of spending the night with my mamaw and papaw was getting chocolate pancakes for breakfast and homemade syrup. My grandfather taught me how to crochet and they both worked on making quilts together. I loved going there to spend time with them. We always had a wonderful time. My granny was entirely different. She too was a wonderful cook, but we hardly ever spent the night with them unless our cousins were there. She could be harsh and very critical so we didn't want to spend time with her and papaw. I got closer to her about three years ago when I helped take care of her. She has been gone for three years and I miss her so much.

Lisa Zook

My mom always called it supper for the evening meal, bust my children and their families call it dinner. My grandchildren correct me if I call the meal supper.


breakfast,lunch, dinner- except Sunday, meal after church was Sunday dinner, and snacks and leftovers during the evening

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