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Mary Deeter

Thanks for all you share with us Pat! Ordered through your link and received my NEW OLISO PRO last week. It is a replacement for one I purchased at a IQF Houston in 2012! We wore it out working it hard daily for the last 5 years, minimum 3-5 hours every day. Loving the Grandma's Kitchen patterns. Overdue on block 6, but will work 6 & 7 today I hope. Mary Deeter/www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com


Thank you Mary! That is awesome.. we quilters do work hard!


Interesting setting on this block. I think I need to see it for real. Thanks for this series. I spent a lot of time with one of my grandmas and catch her love for quilting. Not so much the cooking although I certainly knew where the cookie jar was...it was always full.


My grandmother always said, "The early bird catches the worm" and to the day I hate being late for anything! But my favorite saying was my mom's. She often said "Don't forget that dirt always comes out with the wash." That meant that if I did anything wrong, she'd find out about it. It's was often true with my own kids and I use that quote whenever I can.


One of my great grandmother's saying that I always thought of as different is: "If there is enough blue in the sky to make the Dutchman a pair of pants, it's not going to rain." And her daughter, my grandmother, always said, "My stars and green garters." Loving these quilt-a-longs this year.


My grandmother always said "Cast your bread upon the water buttered, because if it comes back, you may have to eat it." It was her version of the Golden Rule. Or, if she was challenged or told she couldn't do something, she would say, "You don't know Aunt Rose." There is not one Rose in the family. So, to me, it was like her saying, "Wanna bet?!" or "Watch me!" And she is the one I look to for inspiraton in my quilting.

Elaine H Loughlin

A neighbor used to tell us that she couldn't go swimming with us because "I fell of the roof" (She had her menstrual cycle)

My paternal grandmother used to say "If you can sleep with them I can eat with them".
I think she was saying I'm not fond of them but I can tolerate them to keep the peace.

My Mom once said she had "hotdogs in her head" - we 3 girls were driving her crazy and she was trying to make a grocery list.

Elizabeth Davis

It is funny that you mentioned sayings and aprons in same post because my grandma's favorite saying was "You should have had a apron on." It was the main present we always gave her.


I had to laugh at Bonnie's comment about the Dutchman and the blue sky. My mother repeated it regularly as one of her (Norwegian) grandmother's sayings. After I got married, Mother changed it to: "Is there enough blue sky to make Ken a pair of pants?" You see, I married a Dutchman.

Dottie K

This is just so much fun! Each week I try to make the block within one day so I keep up. LOL

Saying I grew up with: "Time and tide wait for no man!"


sew one up Jean!


great memory Pam!


those are fun Bonnie!


haha... i LOVE this Janey!!


Elaine what FUN sayings!


perfect Elizabeth!


that is a riot Janet! I never heard the blue sky one


fun goal Dottie.. and I true.. time & tide really don't wait do they.. get sewing!

Karen VanDorp

My mother's saying was: treat others as you want to be treated. Grandma was gentle and quiet. I don't recall any of her words to remember.
One of her visits to us, she was embroidering a pillow case. I enthusiastic about telling her I wanted to be just like her.... and I am ! I love doing handwork, needlework, crafts. I love you grandma.

Leslie Teasley

My mom had 5 children and so whenever grandma saw us coming the first thing we heard was "stay outside" and the second was, "do not slam the screen door". We had an outside toilet, and a cold well, where we pumped out our own water to drink. That was some cold water. Praise God we don't have those "stinky" outside toilets anymore, but we must've been rich, because we had two stalls! now think about that.... who would want to go to the bathroom at the same time and moment as someone else? I really get a laugh when I think about the good ole days.


Hola Pat Sloan. Muchas gracias por todo lo que compartes con nosotros. Este proyecto es especial para mí. No he tenido la suerte de disfrutar de mis abuelos. Sólo tengo un leve recuerdo de cuando era muy pequeña de cuando ibamos a ver a mi abuela que me daba palomitas de maíz. Recuerdo también que tenía los tiestos pintados de colores y muchas plantas. Yo la veía muy alta y llevaba el pelo recogido en un moño italiano con el pelo color plata. Era muy guapa. Ya no tengo más recuerdos de ella. Saludos.


My Grandma that came here from Sweden had her beautiful accent her entire life. It was such a pleasure to hear her kind, gentle words. She never spoke an ill word of anyone or anything. The expression I recall her saying was "well for land's sake". Never was there anything that wasn't meant fgor little ears.

Polly Stahl

My grandmothers never swore, ever and I don't remember any angry words either. "Muddie" said "my land!" a lot and one of our favorite quotes of her's was "many hands make light work" which probably meant, "get off your lazy butt, and help me with this!"


My grandma always wore an apron and so to keep her memory close I wear one often too. I don't know if the saying was hers necessarily but I remember hearing "I think there is a fly in the milk" whenever something was going on that little ears weren't suppose to hear.

Donna Snyder

I work with a woman who, instead of saying "Oh crap", says "Sugar honey ice tea"!

Dawn Tornes

My grandma would never tell anyone her age. When anyone would ask her how old she was, she would respond that she 'had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel." We heard that saying for at least 25 years! Fortunately, that banana peel must not have been very slippery since my dear grandma lived to a ripe old age of 98!

Teresa Anne Chadwell

Dear Pat,
You are the greatest! Thanks for including all of us in your sew along.
The best always!!

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