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Pam McDonald

Yum sticky buns. :0 I had a great dessert, although it was from my great Aunt. She used to make blackberry cobbler with no seeds!! The stuff was wonderful, I wish I had the recipe.


Wow, some of you folks don't waste any time! Beautiful blocks!

Karen Parker Poling

My mom made bread regularly. She always saved some dough to which she added sugar and egg. She rolled the dough out and coated it with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and nuts and rolled it up, then sliced it. The result was the world's best cinnamon rolls. They were fluffy like Cinnabon rolls, but much tastier. I can still see the syrupy filling dripping out! Of course, now she is a totally heart healthy eater and gluten free, so no more gooey rolls, just a good memory.

Leslie May

Both of my Grandmother's lived in Vermont so Vermont Maple Syrup played a very important part in our lives. My grandmother's would make pancakes with local maple syrup. My Grandfather Tracy shared a sugar house with his brother in law, so theirs was "house made" and my Grandparents Warren bought theirs from the farm across the street. Now my father has moved back to Vermont and he and my stepmother have built and have been making their own maple syrup in their own sugar house- Yum!! I can only have real maple syrup on pancakes !!!

Peggy Ann

One of my fondest memories of my Grandma Dora was having breakfast at her house. She made us "coffee soup". Sounds strange, but we loved it. She would toast bread in an old fashioned wire toaster, then tear it into small pieces in a bowl. Over that she would pour hot milk that had a "little" bit of coffee and lots on sugar in it. What a delightful memory. Thanks for the memory jog, Pat.

Peggy Ann

One of my fondest memories of my Grandma Dora was having breakfast at her house. She made us "coffee soup". Sounds strange, but we loved it. She would toast bread in an old fashioned wire toaster, then tear it into small pieces in a bowl. Over that she would pour hot milk that had a "little" bit of coffee and lots on sugar in it. What a delightful memory. Thanks for the memory jog, Pat.

Kathy Hadley

We cheated with refrigerator biscuit!
Or another name for Sticky Buns was Monkey Bread!
Any way you cut it they are 😋
There was always something sweet in Grandm's Kitchen.
When you came in she gave you a big hug and a big kiss on the neck telling you it was so sweet to see you!

Rosalie Roberts

Love this block and the stories. Will be pondering it today. Thanks for posting about the iron again and the %15 off. I went to use my iron a couple of night ago and it was leaking water. So I have put it away, and was looking for your ad to buy a new one. Just did in the Purple. Thanks for looking out for us. Will post my Kitchen Table today. Just love it!!!!!

Mary Van Kleeck

I'm from Madison, WI and we had a group of restaurants named the Ovens of Brittney. They had the best sticky buns made with the dough from croissants. They were rich and buttery and sometimes they were covered with sugar or pecans. The restaurants have now closed but you can still find in new restaurants that old employees from the Ovens of Brittney have opened. Yum!!!


One set of grandparents came to the U.S. from Sweeden just after the turn of 1900. My Grandmother came from a family of bakers. I can still taste all the special breads, cookies, cakes, biscuits, and more that came from her kitchen. All of it prepared in and on a wood fired cookstove. I have her recipes, but none of them can compare to how she made them. Now to find the perfect fabrics to put this block together.


So interesting that this block, as well as the newest Bella Skill Builder block, AND a recently promoted block tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Co are all so very similar! None of them are exactly the same, but they're all strips put in a similar pattern! Wow...in cahoots, or 'great minds think alike'?? :-)


Being from south Louisiana I don't ever remember my grandmother making sticky buns. What she did make for us was French toast (Cajun French name is "pain Perdu" which means lost bread). It was French bread sliced about 1 inch thick and dipped in an egg mixture with vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon. It was then browned in a skillet with butter. Then eaten with syrup and powdered sugar poured over it. Such yummy memories.

Marci Smithler

My fondest memories of morning baked treats from my grandmother's are most definitely the Hungarian nut rolls (kolache) and the Ukrainian sweet bread (babka), made around Easter time. And sweet corn fritters from my other grandmother's house. Nom, nom...I'm drooling now.

Linda P

My Grandma on my dad's side lived in a farm house in Ohio - always in the same house. She had a very long table centered in the big kitchen. This is where she worked and we all ate. She was a super cook. My grandfather never ate store bought bread until she went into a nursing home. She was always baking, and especially famous for her pies and spice cake and my favorite were cake like cookies - We called them Grandma Greene Cookies. She measured everything by site or "about" - she tried to write down a recipe for me once, and it even had those kind of measurements.
My Grandma on my mom's side however, didn't bake as much, but she was also an extremely good cook, loved going there too, and also had a big kitchen as we all took part in making something, even if it was just the sweet tea. We made tea in a big pot and ladled it out into the glasses. Her kitchen was the hub, it was where the bird, Pedro lived - we would put sugar on our lips and he gently ate it off - LOL! She also set her ironing board up there and sprinkled her clothes with the bottle sprinkler and folded them just right, some times putting them in the refridge or freezer if she wasn't going to get to iron them right away. I remember her beautiful hutch where she displayed face mugs on top and her beautiful blue willow dishes. I know I will remember more as we go along on this journey, but I will always remember the kitchen being a special place to hang out, the place everything happened!! L. xo

Anita Jackson

Yum, one of my favorites is a sticky bun even though I reserve them for very special treats. They are quite sweet! A grandmother memory: One of the breakfast meals were homemade biscuits of course, with a fresh stove-top jam made from dark blackberries picked off the mountain. I've tried to repeat it from memory as my grandmother has been gone for a long time...I am not quite successful, she had the perfect touch to making a poor man's food taste delicious!


Thanks so much for the POY shout out, Pat. :) Hope you're doing well!

Jean Duchesneau

My Christmas Grandma's Kitchen. My grandmother, Mildred, loved cardinals. She enjoyed watching the birds at the feeders from the kitchen windows. She always cooked from scratch, had a big garden and did a lot of canning. She was a fabulous cake designer/baker. She made my wedding cake. I think of her often.

Not sure why my pictures display upside down ??? It's not upside down in the thumb nail .... can anyone help me out with why that's doing that?


My granny didn't make sticky buns, but she sure could make the best cinnamon toast. She used wonder bread and real butter. I could eat 10 slices at one time. Perhaps that is why I had a weight problem at a young age.

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