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Margaret Krogstad

No I don't care for coloring pages. No time. I'd rather sew.


So you've never used them to help you decide on color placement? That is the purpose


The colouring pages show the blocks potential in a quilt, so you can see the secondary patterns emerge.


I love them! I keep a huge bag of sharpened colored pencils at my desk and use the page to get a potential visual of my block or quilt. I just recently started to 'play' with this technique and I'm hooked. It's much more economical than buying or using stash fabric that won't be used.


I love them! They fill the quilting itch when I can't sew,


I like coloring pages because I can dive in my project and give me an idea of what color looks better. !!! When I see a non color page my mind blows! 🌈🖍

Pat Brannon

Just found this! I would love color pages and I plan to try to join in on the next quilt!


I like them, like to see secondary pattern.
I'm not fond of sashing quilts!


I love them gives me some ideas for future projects, I can mak several copies and change the colors easily by coloring the pattern

Kathy Blomquist

I like the coloring pages. I use them to try out various ideas of fabric color placement. By having them I don't have to draw them. Thanks.

Anita Jackson

I truly enjoy them, I like seeing the color emerge for a new quilt~


I appreciate them so you can see what that specific block would look like in a quilt by itself. Thank you for taking the time to do that with each block.


i love the coloing page it helps me to design my quilt block better

Ellen Quertermous

I love to play with the way blocks change when you transpose the dark and light elements. The coloring pages are a goid way to do that.

Evie H

I love the color pages! Thanks for providing them. In fact, for lots of patterns I copy them (sometimes in multiples) in black and white so I can play with MY colors.


I don't use them. I'm still using my same ol' system - "try-as-I-go" or preplan with my mind's eye.


Yes I like the coloring pages, helps me decide which colors. Thank you, Pat, for all your time, expertise, and generosity in creating and sharing these fabulous blocks! Such fun, look forward to every one!!

Susanne Miyake

I like the idea very much. I use graph paper and colored pencils and tape tiny blocks into my quilt journal. One of my Solstice quilts is made of 6" blocks and I need the paper blocks to test the scale and tones before cutting and placing fabric. Keep the coloring pages please.


Love the coloring pages! It helps me get a better feel for color placement in the pattern in its entirety. Thank you!


I never use the coloring pages, not because I don't like them. I'm just terrible with colors and always buy fat quarter bundles or "collections" of fabric, as I can't put together an eye pleasing quilt on my own. However what I love times a thousand is the bonus layout using that one block to make a quilt.

Debbie Brugman

I like them.
At first I thought what's the point? I can just sew a block from my scrap bin to get an idea. Then I realized they save me time by allowing me to color several different color ways in the same amount of time it would take to find, cut and sew a scrap block together. I can also clip snipits of fabric to my (paper) "blocks", take them with me when fabric shopping and or save them for future projects.
Anyway, what do you end up doing with all those scrap blocks you took the time to sew together "just to see" what a block might look like? They probably end up right back in the scrap bin like mine do because I don't have any more of those fabrics (to complete anything), they are no longer available or I no longer like the fabric and wouldn't use it for anything anyway.
So I say the coloring pages are genius ;-) thanks Pat.

Jennifer Whitney

I have never used the coloring pages. Time is my excuse, I don't have time to color and sew............sewing wins :)

Robin Cochran Smith

I like the coloring pages.

Marty Green

Please keep doing the coloring pages - I am collecting them for future projects as they are great for planning. For Solstice, I have used all my sewing motif fabrics, which have gone together rather well, I think, without using the coloring pages. Might be too busy when blocks are sewn together, tho!!


I like the coloring pages. If I want to use the "stash" I have this is a great way to see if it will work out.


Yes I love the coloring pages. I am a scrap quilter and being able to see color options gives me so many choices


I do like the coloring pages. I enjoy seeing what an entire quilt
would look like with one block, and it lets me try different color schemes
without cutting into my fabrics.


I like the coloring pages, but I want to start sewing right away so haven't used then much.

Arlene Froelich

I like the coloring pages to help keep my quilt in balance with the fabrics I am using and to give me an idea what color I want the block.

Linda G. Roadenbaugh

I love the coloring pages! I love to plan ahead, I have a lot of 3 X 5 note cards with just one particular quilt design on them, but with different colors and different placements of the block units, just to see the variations!! Maybe one day i will make them all. lol The coloring pages really help to visualize the end result without wasting material.


Hola Pat Sloan. Me encantan las páginas para colorear! Así puedo planificar mi proyecto, viendo en realidad como quedan los colores en los bloques y la paleta de color que mejor queda. Gracias por el Solsticio. Saludos


I absolutely Love the coloring page! It helps me auditiion colors and patterns. I use them all the time. I was very excited when you introduced them. Thanks so much.

Gwen Wehner

I like the coloring pages - thanks for sharing them!

Linda K

Good idea but I haven't used them. I've just been flying by the seat of my pants and so far I like what I've got.


Thanks Pat for all the great patterns! It has been fun following you along on the Soltice journey as well as the Library BOM. It is so generous of you to freely share your talent with us. I plan to follow you along on your second round of Splendid Sampler. I started on the first round but got side-tracked with other projects. I have one of your jelly rolls and just waiting for the right pattern to cut into it, too precious to waste experimenting. Have a great day, and please know you are appreciated!


I use the color pages if I need to more confirmations of my choices. They are a big help rather than making my own. Will be caught up for #25!!!!!! Love it so much!!!

Pati Cook

I like the coloring pages, but haven't really used them much because of time.

I do have a question? in your blocks is there a reason you prefer using 2 triangle squares instead of making flying geese units? I don't like the extra seam and often convert to flying geese just for that reason. Guess a lot of it is personal preference.

Love the blocks, looking forward to finishing this quilt for my husband. Just got the backing for it.


I Love coloring pages... especially pictorial ines... Quilts etc, not to crazy about just repeated patterns... like zen tangle... unless they are small. Love the pattern... thanks for all your freebies & work you do.

Susan N.

I like the coloring pages to test out fabrics/colors. I also like to see the block in a whole quilt/repeating pattern to see the secondary patterns that emerge.

Deb F.

I like the coloring pages as they have helped me decide on color placement. This has been such fun. One block a week is fairly easy to do even if I am currently behind. Will catch up soon. I'm looking forward to your next project. Thanks for sharing so much with us.


Love the colouring pages. gives you a chance to see what colour combos work well together. my machine is back in the shop still not running right so am using the time to do other blocks that I can do by hand as well as putting all the colouring pages together to see how it flows. I print up a coup;e of the pages and try different colour ways.


Keep the test blocks and make into a quilt!


I like making half square triangles and if it's scrapping I can use what I have made already


I love these blocks and the coloring pages are genius!


So happy to see that so many other people enjoy the coloring pages!! I love them!! It helps me plan--plus there have been times that my little one wants to "help" and a coloring page helps her design HER next project!! It's awesome!! Thank you for providing them along with your terrific patterns and GREAT directions. You are wonderful!!

Susan Kopczyk

I love the coloring pages. It;s amazing how different the quilt looks in different color combinations.

I have a huge (to me) problem. When you post the last block next Wednesday, I will be having a total knee replacement. After my hospital stay, I will be in rehab for a month. How long will the block be available for download? I'd sure not like to miss the last one!

Can't wait for the next project.


I love the coloring pages!

Mariana van der Linde

I love the coloring pages.....


I haven't paid attention to the coloring pages. After reading the comments, I see that I have been missing an opportunity. I hadn't considered how useful they can be.


Thank you!

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