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Sheila McCoy-Boser

For your bird feeder, try Fruit and Nut, or Nut and Berry seed mixes. It has a huge variety of seeds for all birds, and if my feeder goes empty, the birds line up on the fence tweeting at me.


I have also been hit with "Spring Fever." Yesterday I wanted to do some embroidery but I also wanted to be outside. I put a piece of fabric, floss, needle, and scissors in a small bag, and took it with me to our local park. I walked almost a mile on the hiking trail, then sat down on a conveniently located bench and enjoyed the ducks on the lake while doing my stitchery. It took a lot longer to hike those two miles than it normally does, but it was so pleasant!


I second the first comment and recommend visiting the closest "wild birds unlimited" franchise. I don't always buy the fancy stuff, but man their seed mixes are by far the most preferred by the birds in my yard. Their seed cylinders (bug and nut) have brought the most gorgeous bluebirds and every kind of woodpecker to our feeder. Wish I could keep the doors and windows open but the pollen is out of control this week!


thanks Sheila! We just got a fancier brand to see if they will be enticed!


Great idea Linda!


Thanks Jamie!!

Carol S.

Thanks for all the wonderful patterns! I've hit a snag and am way behind, but I WILL catch up.

Sue H

What a versatile block! Love it!


I read in a magazine that if you want to encourage birds into your yard, make sure that they have a water source along with the bird feeder. We put in a bird bath and have had more birds more than ever. It has been an added delight.


Thanks for sharing block #17, Pat! I don't know how these folks can get their sample blocks done so quickly, but I sure enjoy seeing them very much. How wonderful to be able to have the door open and to hear the birds . . . we may get there sometime. Soon I hope. ~smile~

Brenda Ackerman

Hello Pat! This looks like a fun block to play with fabrics and layouts! Thank you for sharing all of these great blocks, which I am so far behind on. LOL. Here in Southern Oregon spring is peeking but very slowly with cold temperatures, lots of rain still and it is still snowing in the mountains surrounding us. I do love to sit on the patio and listen to the birds as often as possible. I still have not put out my bird feeders due to the weather, usually wait until after Easter. We are watching two different sets of Robins building their nests though. Thank you again for sharing and have a great day!


I always enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing and the ways varying fabric placement changes the look of the block.

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