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Dottie Kaster

WOW Pat, just WOW. You are awesome! We can always count on you to give us such
inspiration with your choices of blocks. My hubby and I are anxious to see the
finished result of this wonderful Solstice I have become part of. Thank you so much for your love and devotion to your life's business, passion and inspiration. Thank you to your Hubby for all his help with posting and making a great web site for you (us). You are a great team and it shows with such love our craft. Thank's once again.

kay coop

One of my first full sized quilts was made with this block. Went to a class named Quilt in a Day. I actually cut and pieced it all in one day...so fun. Still sleep under that quilt today. Thanks Pat, I will be making another quilt with this pattern.


I am away for a month, without my sewing machine, so I can't wait to return home and sew. It will be non-stop piecing until I catch up!!! Pat, I just live every block!!


*love* every block!

Rosemary Barron

I am so loving these blocks. Will be making this one today! Just wanted to comment as well on Bloc-Loc rulers. I bought the 6" and use it all the time. My HSTs are perfect now ... well, as perfect as anything I do can be. ;) Well worth the cost, imho. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us. I love your quilts and your fabric lines.


Wow, I agree with Dottie! WOWEE. I l.o.v.e the idea of making an 18" block. Just think how quickly a quilt would come together with such large blocks, and like you mentioned - the stash buster it would be. I am going to write up a blog post today to send my friends over to your website. My mind is just spinning with ideas about this block . . . or even the 12" version. I am enjoying the pictures that readers are sharing. ~smile~


Pat, I would love to see what's up with these rulers. Why should I invest in another ruler? I guess I'd better go do some research myself . . . HAHAHA!

Linda K

I just love these blocks you've been giving us! I have the 4 1/2 inch bloc loc ruler and love it.

Betty Macpherson-Veitch

Hi Pat I would love to see a tutorial on the BlocLoc ruler. I have looked at them and wondered what makes them different from the multiple rulers I own. Please do a tutorial. Thanks for all you are doing.


Pat Gregory

Would love to see a class on the Bloc lock rulers . Sign me up . Thznksz p

Betty Macpherson-Veitch

Hi Pat Sorry my comment got put in a response to Roseanne. Wasn't sure if you would see it so I copied it for you. I would love to see a tutorial on the BlocLoc ruler. I have looked at them and wondered what makes them different from the multiple rulers I own. Please do a tutorial. Thanks for all you are doing.



Hi Pat! Thank-you for giving your quilters 2 blocks in 1. Really enjoy the buckeye beauty as my Mom had a couple of buckeyes in a small bureau drawer. She said my Grandpa and Great Grandpa had one in their pocket for years. I have one and you can tell he used it by the shiny indentation.

Becki Morrison

Yes please, a tutorial would be very helpful


I wish you wouldn't put the directions on pdf because I have problems with those....


Yes, a tutorial on the loc bloc rulers would be great. Not sure how they're different from the others other then the channel to hold on to the seam. Would like to know more about them. This is a fun quilt-along, thanks Pat.


Rosalie Roberts

Love Jacob's Ladder! Glad you are including it and making it a larger block. Having so much fun with this challenge. You are so fun to have as a mentor, even tho I am probably, about twice your age. Learning so much and getting so much enjoyment from keeping up with this particular challenge. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Rosalie


so happy you are having fun Dottie!


that is a great memory Kay!


great info Rosemary!


hurry and make one so i can see it Roseanne!


Thank you Linda!




you can't be twice my age Rosalie!


you are welcome!


Kim contact your local tech support.. all patterns are pdfs





Cheryl Sundberg

I would love to have you make a tutorial for the Bloc-Loc rulers. I have one and I'm have a hard time learning how to use it. It ought to be easy to do but I just a little leery about cutting any of my HST to the right size. It would be easier to see how you do it! Thank you for all that you have done in the past for all of us who did the Splendid Sampler quilt blocks. I fell way behind so I'm trying to get back into it to finish them so I can make up my quilt. I've enjoyed doing all of your quilt blocks that you have shared with us. Thank you for your wiliness to do these quilt blocks free for we who are just learning.

Carol Wiley

Thanks, Pat and I would also like a tutorial on the BlocLoc rulers, so that I can see how they work. As a newbie I am amazed at how fast some of you get pictures up of the finished blocks. LOL I am so slow.


Hola Pat Sloan. Muchas gracias por este precioso bloque. No puedo imaginarme la cantidad de trabajo que debe hacer para tantas cosas maravillosas como hace; y encima nos regala estos fabulosos bloques del Solsticio y muchas cosas más. Gracias Pat. Saludos.


Betty the Bloc Lock site has tutorials on their YouTube page. Use it all the time.

Dot Murdoch

For all you asking about a demo for the bloc loc ruler, there are many out there.....Just type in bloc loc ruler & you will be taken to many sites......
I have a 6in one I use all the time & love it.....One of the best buys I made recently.......D.M.


Don't mean to discourage, but block number nine has something turned the wrong way or am I imagining. Thanks for this block, son's name is Jakob?

claire quilty

The Block Loc ruler has ended all the tipping and slipping of the ruler on the center seam of the HST when I was trying to size it up to correct size. No longer am I afraid of the ruler slipping and cutting my fingers with the rotary cutter. It is worth every cent I paid although I kicked and screamed all the way to pay the price. Thank you Pat for the Jacob's ladder pattern in a larger-than-usual size. Quite useful.


I love this block in the 18" size... thank you and appreciate your complete quilt layouts for each specific block. Haven't started any as I am trying to finish up other projects, but I keep printing them out.


I am enjoying working on the blocks you are giving us. thanks so much. I have 3 loc-block rulers all squares and want to get a couple flying geese loc-block rulers but, they are expensive and I am having a hard time visualizing how to use them, so I would like to request a tutorial or two on the subject.

Beth LaMotte

These blocks are beautiful in their simplicity, lend themselves to many variations, and are just a joy to make! Thank you Pat. I can't wait to try the asymmetrical setting!

Ginger Kaila

Thank you Pat
RE: bloc-loc rulers
I purchased the set of 3 which I feel it is unique. But I can't figure out the indented side of the ruler.
Please advise how to use it.

thank you for your guidance and sharing your knowledge in blocks and quilting.
I been enjoying your creativity!
Much Aloha,
Ginger from Maui, Hawaii


Thank you for your continued inspiration Pat! You've definitely got me working outside my "box"! Haha! Can't wait to see my finished project as I'm using my scraps & trying to use just batiks. Hate to wish our seasons away, but here's to the next Solstice! Kathy from Plattsburgh, NY <3 XO

Nancy Freeman

Pat I love your block patterns regardless of the size. I am so looking forward to putting my quilt together with the different block size.

Becky Braddy

Thank you for this challenge. I got off to a late start with it but am now caught up and ready for the next block. Looking forward to seeing the quilt come together.




Ginger watch the bloc loc videos the company produced. https://www.youtube.com/user/BlocLocRulers


until i do them watch the ones the company did Cindy


watch the company videos

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