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Linda Dial

I have saved all the flannel leftovers from the years of making my (now adult) kids pj's every Christmas. My mom sewed flannel nightgowns and pj's for us at Christmas. She sewed while we were at school, she also had little kids at home during the day to. awes I always looked forward to new pj's and the year she made me a bathrobe, my first, I was so excited. I found the "vintage" pattern in a thrift store for the bathrobe and of course bought it to add to my "vintage patterns". I am going to make simple square blocks or whatever I can cut and sew from the scraps and leftover flannels to make each of my kids a quilt, not a huge quilt, maybe cover up when watching tv type. I see fabrics in the stores at times that take me back to being a little girl playing dress up from my grandma's trunk that held dresses my mom and aunts and grandma wore.....I still love calico prints and retro prints. My mom told me when I was little, age 3 and the numbers just go up to now, that I would go around the dress racks feeling and smelling the fabrics the clothes were made from. I would let her know when a dress did not smell good. The love for fabric is still a huge part of my life.....and I am so thankful for my mom and gr aunt, my 9th grade and high school home ec teachers, what they all taught me in the area of sewing and all it includes........

Hilda Hignojos

I have 3 stacks of precious fabric. I have a stack of Jennifer Paganelli and a small stack of Alison Glass. But my most precious is the ever growing stack of Tula Pink. I know I want to use it, but it will have to be a very special quilt design for me to even get a rotary cutter near it.

Bo B

I have been looking for a pattern to use in my older sons quilt that didn't look too girly and this is finally the block will be making the lager quilt in this. Thanks so much

Rebecca Christie

I have only 1 piece of fabric that is precious - I may someday use it - but it has to be something special... The rest of my stash is pretty much free game, I even bite my lip and let my daughter pick out a fabric or two from it to use now and then... I do have some pieces set aside for specific quilts I want to make... But I do plan to use them. That piece of fabric which is most precious to me has vintage cameras on it, and for some stupid reason I only bought 1 yard.

Rebecca Christie

I just wanted to say, I too appreciate my mother and teachers in home ec for all they taught me in school. Thank you for sharing your memories...

Donna Fellows

My son (who is 39) gives me his worn out cotton shirts. By the time I get them they are so soft and ready to be worked into a quilt. Cannot wait to make the newest block...just got a new shirt last night!
Thank you, Pat, for the wonderful blocks and stories!


So to make the 12 1/2" block I would cut at 4" and trim to 3.5" correct?


I am absolutely a fabric saver. Some I'm not sure will ever have a special enough event to actually be used. HA! Thanks for the link on the backing fabric. I am just completing a queen size quilt for my niece and want to send it out for quilting for the first time - and want to get a wide enough backing so I don't have to seam it. I appreciate it!


I am currently using my husbands old blue button down work shirts for the background on my village quilt. Hopefully I will have enough so that I won't have to sneak into his closet for more.

Treda McCaw

Nice block, my whole Soltice Challenge is with a focus fabric that is my all time favorite which I have held on to for some time. I love how it is coming together


No, Dodi, when you sew it, it will finish at 3 1/2". Use it at 4".

Corinne Lake

My precious fabric for this solstice challenge is batiks with a neutral accent. I am enjoying this process and love the untraditional setting idea. I love getting this pattern on Wednesday. It gives me time to think about it and then carefully plan my color combo. Thank you, Pat Sloan, for sponsoring this challenge.


Hola Pat Sloan. Es una pena que Crafsty no envíe telas ni nada a España. Porque la línea holandesa es preciosa para su último bloque del Solsticio que es divino. Muchas gracias por este reto del Solsticio que aunque yo no puedo participar en él porque todavía no puedo coser por la pierna y el pie, participo en él con las ganas que tengo de coser. Saludos.


I have some black satin with little white turtles on it from the late 60's or early 70's. It has moved with me a few times and I have no idea what I would ever make with it. I do like to pet it once a year or so.


that's been around while Lisa!


I'm so glad you are having fun Treda!


great memory Linda!


wonderful Bo!

pat sloan

this will be amazing!

Maggie Joplin

I have a small stash of Liberty of London tana lawn fabric that I collected while stationed in Europe. I keep this in a special drawer wrapped in acid-free paper of course. I take it out and Pet it every so often. Hopefully I will gather enough fabric to make a quilt out of this beautifully soft fabric. Talk about precious fabric that you just love. I certainly have enjoyed reading comments and being part of this solstice challenge


Hey Pat! Just tried to make block 15. The small one. The sizes it says to cut on the picture don't work out. This is the first one I have had problems with. Kathy


Kathy did you make the HST so they are the size on the sheet using your favorite method? You don't cut a HST that size, remember you always need to cut them larger if doing my method. See my triangle book for more details

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