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Carmen Lang

Pat thanks for planing so many HSTs. I am actually getting better at making them. I would have not challenged myself that way before. Thanks for all you are doing. This challenge is tons of fun.

Linda K

Is there a secret to adding the link to show your blocks? I've tried several times and can't get it to work for me.


I definitely remember the 5 and dime stores. After a busy morning of shopping, we would pop into the store for lunch...hot chicken or yummy milk shake. Good memories. Loving the solstice challenge, btw.. Thanks for sharing.


Lol. I meant a hot chicken sandwich. What good does it do to review what you've written if you don't really read what you' ve written!, lol

Marilyn R

I definitely remember Kresge's. When we were kids we would meet my mom for lunch at Kresge's. I remember the coffee would be served in the solo cup with the disposable plastic cup. I loved their French fries and cheeseburgers.

Pam McDonald

I remember the five and dimes :) They used to carry fabric too. Mom and I would have lunch at the counter. I remember those burger and fries too!

Bobbie Campbell

Yes we had a Kresge's 5 & 10. Besides the counter they also had a fabric area and Mom bought her fabrics there. We didn't have a "quilt shop" or hadn't heard of "quilt shop quality". LOL


The five and dimes were where I did my Christmas shopping as a kid, Kresge's and Woolworths. I remember the lunch counter where it was a treat to get something to eat. They were still there when I was old enough to have a job downtown.

Ann Marie Ott

Thanks Pat - although not a coffee drinker, my mom and I would go to Kresge's for lunch - always BLT's and here in Detroit we had to have a Saunders Hot Fudge Sunday after.

Marilyn Heneghan

My grandma would take me to Woolworth's for lunch. I always got a grilled cheese sandwich. It is a fun memory. Thanks.

Deborah Siddall

Back in the 70s, I worked in a 22 story office building next to a Woolworth. In the mornings they always had hot donuts that were fantastic. The only draw back was on Fridays they would have fish for lunch and our whole office would smell like fish. Those were the good ole days.:)


A favorite memory of mine is walking downtown from the Jr High School for lunch at Woolworth's consisting of Vegetable soup, Coke, and homemade German Chocolate Cake. Still is my favorite cake to bake!

vicki gasorski

couldn't resist a reply. My mom & I would take the bus to downtown Detroit too and do some shopping at Hudson's and always eat lunch at Kresge's right there on Woodward. didn't have the sundaes though. That was the first thing I thought of when I read Pat's post. small world!!


I remember Kresge's & Woolworth's in my town. We sometimes got to get a coke with my dad, or sometimes a hamburger with my mom. In high school, sometimes my friends and I would walk down there after school. Two of my brothers worked at Kresge's. One of them worked cleaning the stove/grill and the horrible grease pit.


Such good memories shopping at Kresge's brings back. My sister and I would go and have banana splits at the lunch counter.

Jackie Singletary

click on the link at the bottom of this page. it went right to it for me

Gayle Z

Thanks Pat you do some awsome work, and I love making your quilts or just the odd block, your instructions are always great and the blocks go together with ease.
Ladies the photos of your blocks are wonderful, so many amazing colours, keep up the great work.
Thanks again Pat,
have a great day, week year


The Kresges in our area went out of business when I was a young child. I remember hearing adults speak of going to Kresges but I don't remember ever being at that store myself. However, during the summers of my college years, I worked at the lunch counter at Newberry's Dept. Store, I think it was similar to Kresges. I loved buying fabric there and buying things for my little brother. I would look at the fabric section during my lunch breaks, then after I picked up my check and cashed it, I would go back to the store and make my purchases. I didn't spend my entire paycheck, but I certainly did spend a good chunk of it there.


In Sth Australia we had Cox Foys cafeteria which was on the top story of the biggest building at the time. Our mother would take us there where we would line up & were able to choose 2 things to eat. If we were good (3 sisters & 1 brother)we were then allowed to go onto the roof where there was a miniature ferris wheel. I loved going to the haberdashery dept. Still do.
Thanks for the solstice challenge


Pat, I too fondly remember the five and dimes with the long counters....I would often meet my grandmother there on a Saturday...she always got an ice cream soda....


Yes I remember going to Woolworth. A fun memory. The food was always so good.


I'm trying to use up fabric I already have. How can I ensure the blocks will "play nice" when it's time to assemble them? I'm worried it will just be a mess!


I'm a bit late to the game, but better late than never as they say. I started with the most recent block and will catch up as I go. I'll be using two different lines from 2003 and 2004, Old Blooms and Brambleberry Farm. I can't believe it's been so long but I still love them and am glad I kept them together.
We had a Woolworths in my hometown and I have very fond memories of meeting my gal pals for a soda and snack. I remember that smell of popcorn as you entered the store. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!




Click the 'add your link'.. the blue button at the end




love all these stories!!

Deborah A Jackson

In Atlanta we had Kresge, Woolworth, Kress, and KMART back then had lunch counters. I didn't realize back then as a black kid, sitting at these counters with my grandfather was historic, just was enjoying the ice cream sundaes, grille cheese sandwiches with my Pops cottage cheese diet plate.

Shannon Ward

We had a Woolworth and a benfranklins. We would go to benfranklins and get fabric and craft supplies. I loved sitting at the counter and having a ice cream Sunday our a coke float. Those were the good old days. I miss the simple things in life. Back then it was a treat to go to town.


When I was growing up we would visit my grandparents in VA and they always took us to the cafeteria. I loved looking at all the food choices and could have whatever I wanted. It may have been a Kresge.

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