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Thanks Pat for the early block. Way to keep us on our toes. :-) Finished the applique on Block 8 last night. Should be able to squeeze this one in before my Son's snowboarding tonight.


Thanks for the early bird!! Thoughts on where it will land in the asymmetric layout?


Thanks for all these great blocks. I really appreciate you keeping most of them r
eeally simple and easy to make


Quilt math, easy math - YES! I have been working with a retired math teacher on her first quilt, and she was surprised at how much math was used. ~smile~ Love these blocks - and will share them on my quilting blog with credit to you and your blog. Thank you Pat! I love seeing your emails in my mailbox. :)


There are two images that are labeled 10/25. Is it just a layout difference?


Is a typo. Pat will fix when she can.


Hola Pat Sloan. Muchas gracias por este nuevo bloque tan bonito. Sigo mal con la pierna en cama y no puedo coser. Cuando pueda coser voy a coser todos los bloques del Solsticio: eso va ha ser lo primero que haga. Saludos.


One of the many reasons I took up quilting was my strong math skills. And they have paid off over the years.

Denise Mitchell

Is the link not working to upload our photos?


It's working find Denise, a block is showing


I managed to log in on the road and get it fixed Carroll, a typo

Lynne Grant

Thanks Pat. Nearly finish block 9, then can get on with 10 and 11. Really enjoying the Challengr. xx

brenda  rolfe

I love your solstice quilt and your bom. For years I hunted for boms I only found one but this year it doesn't interest me. This year I have found all kinds. I started the embroidery quilt. I wish I could find the rest of the blocks instead of waiting each month. I would love to enter it in our September quilt show. THANK YOU PAT


Brenda I'm glad you are having fun! the rest of the Aurifil blocks are public and we give you the link ... take a look at the post again


thank you Lynne! so glad you are having fun!


Not working for me either!


Thanks Pat (and Jane) for all that you do, I know you must be incredibly busy all of the time! Just getting started assembling the Splendid Sampler blocks, and so enjoyed that journey this past year. I learned 'sew' much and feel I improved my accuracy in cutting and sewing as the year progressed and tried technics I never would have on my own! What a great diverse group of designers you selected. I've also started the embroidery blocks, and look forward to stitching along each month as I work on other projects. Do you have a video or suggestions for improving the consistency in the HSTs or Flying Geese so ALL of the blocks end up with a good 1/4" seam allowance, and my points aren't cut off on one or two....? Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong as they all look alike to me until I stitch them together...can you help? Is it just practice?


This is my first quilt I'm enjoying do it thank you Pat

Dot Murdoch

Hi Pat.....Enjoying the solstice blocks.....Question..Can you tell us how much fabric we will need for the checkered units in the finished quilt....Please.....Dot M.t

Anita Williams

THe Blocks everyone is doing, they are very Pretty . I am enjoying making these Fun Blocks. Thanks Pat for creating them for us to have Fun with. Looking forward to the rest of the Blocks ;)

Pamuela Hodson

I am having lots of fun with challenge. Thank you Pat.

Bonnie P

FYI, I always cut my squares for HST a little larger than called for. Trim them up to the required size after sewing. Here's a helpful website.



Having a Blast and keeping up ... Thank you Pat for renewing my Quilting Joys. 💞😉💞


I love the bloc loc rulers. Would love to see videos, especially with the rectangular one for straight seams.

Shannon Ward

I recently bough the fabric in picture 90 at joanns on sale. Love your color combination. I would like to see your other blocks with this fabric. You inspire me to expand my color combinations. Thanks see picture 90.

Kylie Vale

Hi Pat, a little math test that I have picked up on block 11, page 4, cutting sizes 1.5" X 3.5" should read 1.5" x 3". Cheers Ky


I always cut my squares a little larger than what is called for, and then cut down to the required size once they are sewn together i.e. if instructions call for you to cut a 3 7/8" square, cut a 4" square. You will be glad you did.

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