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Rebecca Christie

Thank you for sharing your art with us, and being so generous on your journey with the Solstice challenge. I look forward to watching this unfold.


Oh yes. I love asymmetrical! Thanks for the sneak peak!! I think I have a head start as I have been sewing my odds and ends together in strips. I've been using them as sewing spacers.

Pat Limburg

I started the Splendid Sampler and alas did not keep up. As I am using the same fabrics, I will be including my Splendid blocks with the Soltice blocks. This should be interesting!


Thank you for doing this. I'll have to figure a way to make mine longer as I don't like square quilts not too many sqaew beds!


Love your asymmetrical layout so much interesting things to come. Thank you again for taking us on this journey with you.

Anita Green

Yeah! Thanks~~


I filled this out wrong so me email shows how do I delete it please?

Kelly Wingerson

Can you anticipate how LG the quilt will be with your first setting?

Living this project and look so forward to Wednesday!


Dee Davies

This looks very exciting. So looking forward to this journey!!

Chris T

Yep, I'm going with the first one... very creative and energizing.

Linda Wood

I love both layout's! How to choose will be hard!!


Ok I like both layouts, but think i going with I don't know. I do need to get a
Third color in (red). Will do the wait and see just how our journey together unfolds.
I'm loving it so far.

Jennifer Whitney

Spectacular layouts, I love love love the first one. And I have been using my scraps by creating the squares and then sewing them. Can't wait to see this put together. So exciting!


Hi Pat thanks for the layout. I'm enjoying doing this my first time ever but I have a question when we used 5 sq. In block 7. Then made then 4 1/2 how do we do that mine didn't turn out right my points were way off. But I'm having fun trying now to get children's block done.

Carol Kussart

I like the asymmetrical layout. I haven't started the blocks yet, but hope to soon. Your designs are always interesting, Pat!

Patricia Davis

Looks great!


I like the asymmetrical look. It's something new for me, and that is part of the joy of this.


Love the layout. Excited to see all the blocks and the quilt come together.

Frances Campbell

Really loving your first setting. Cannot wait to see what the design for the larger blocks.

Donna Varnadoe

Pat, I sew love YOUR asymmetrical layout! That's what I will be doing. Thank you for sharing your never ending knowledge with us. Happy Quilting!


Wow what a beautiful idea. the straight layout is expected but Awesome layout.
Can't wait to add this to my quilt blocks.


Thanks for sharing both options and the quilt blocks with us. I love seeing all the variety of everyone's blocks. Very inspiring and lots of eye candy.

Annette Ackley

Hello Pat, Love the asymmetrical layout. I think this is what I'll be doing. The second layout is nice too, but it seems that is how all my Quilts look these days. Thank you for doing this. It is so much fun getting Blocks each Wednesday. You are the best!!!

Marilyn R

Love the asymmetrical the and I'm up for the challenge.

Eileen Macri

That is awsome. Thanks very much Pat, really enjoying the sewing of the blocks❤

Carol Baum

It is not at all what I expected and I love the lay out!! Thank you Pat Sloan.


The asymmetrical is perfect. I'm making one set of blocks into placemats and was trying to decide what to add to get the right size. I was thinking part of block 6. The added blocks will be perfect.


Thank you for doing the project and sharing the layout. I joined this grouo to go on this journey with you and other quilters and am enjoying the journey and friendships. i love the asymmetrical layout and woll be doing this layout. cant wait to see the pieces all take their places!

Charlie  Weightman

Love them. I can't for each new block
Ive actually kept up.


Wow I should have proofread my post!!!

Kelly Draves

WTG Pat...You have been purposefully adaptive to all the comments from those that need to have the final project layout in mind...or need the symmetry...

This looks like it will be a beautiful project, no matter what layout a person goes with.


Love the asymmetrical layout. Thank you for the layout designation example....gives me a better idea of how I might want to use different colors. Hump Day is now NEW BLOCK DAY! Thank you!

Sue Nodine

I love the layout, Pat! Thank you!

Cathy Bonds Jackson

I love the asymmetrical layout!

Debbie Unelli

Love the first one, a bit different...


Love both! Asymmetrical intrigues me but I am one of those gals that will play with the layout till it suits my fancy. Can't wait!


Both choices are great!


If you sew 4 splendid blocks together Pat that is a 12" square.. so you can do it!

Kathy Weller

Love the Asymmetrical setting. I am new to these challenges and have thoroughly enjoyed this one so far. Thank you for sharing your creative gift.


Edna send me an email to Pat@patsloan.com as I'm not sure what you need.


Cande make it a rectangle then... the symmetrical one can easily be added to with 5 more blocks


Kelly i tell you right on the photo how large each is..take another look

Virginia Sigler

Love! Love! The asymmetrical layout!! Have enjoyed playing with color with each block!! Now my orphan fattqters have a place to shine!! Plus having my oldest daughter starting to make quilts. She is making the Winter Solstice blocks with her limited stash. So proud of her!!


Bertie it sounds like you forgot to trim them.. Remeasure after you made 2 hst from the 5" squares.. each needed correctly trimmed to 4.5"


thank you Pennie!


thank you Kelly! I want everyone to have fun!


that is awesome Virginia!

Leslie Schumacher

I actually like the asymmetrical layout better than the other. Good job. Will have to keep the settings in mind as time progresses. Thanks for sharing.

Lois Hicks

OH I love this lay out! Looks like fun! Thanks for a fun adventure! Will you be sharing the dimensions for the checkerboard sections before the end of this journey? They look to be made from 1.5" squares.

Marianne Moore

Wondering if there would be any way (or quilting program or application) to enlarge any of the blocks for the asymmetrical lay-out? Both layouts look great- am really enjoying the blocks even if I am a bit behind right now.

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