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Brenda Melanson

Excited to start


I enjoy making these blocks each week. It's fun to "shop" from my stash to pick out colors.

Marilyn Penrod

well I did something wrong, only my third block showed, but in due time I will figure it all out. :)

Deb Ellsworth

Can't wait to start. Need to hunt my stash for just the right fabric.

Laura Buchanan

So cool, can't wait to get sewing! Thanks!

Bonnie Poirier

I have to say an entire quilt of this might have to be added to my 2017 quilt project list! Such a simple block but so pretty!! Thanks Pat you never cease to amaze me with your blocks!!!

Dino Candelaria

Oh the possibilities.
I like Roxanne's rainbow color scheme, I love bright rainbow colors with black.

barb shults

I have a big stash of fabric and these large blocks are a great incentive to use them. loving this blog.


Me encanta este bloque. Tengo un alijo de telas en tiras de todos los colores y me van a venir fenomenal.


I chose a layer cake and now at a loss. Would it look bad to piece together pieces to make the size strips needed, or should I start over with different fabric?

Mindy Jackson

Can't hardly wait to get home from work and sew this 3rd block. Thank you ever "sew" much Pat Sloan!

Sherry Brotherton

I am so happy with my three blocks... first time for all but churn dash. I am living on hope all my scrappy blocks will somehow look good together! this is so much fun!!

Betty K

I tried to post pictures and said it was too big. Tried a few things to lower the number but no luck. Enjoy looking at everyone's pictures.

Stephanie Mote

What is the trick to get the picture loaded, I have done the first two, but I can't get the third block to load, and I have retaken the photo multiple times. keep saying to big

Lynn DeLano

Thanks Pat Im so glad you are keeping these blocks simple easy and quick to make I hope it continues this easy, I need a break form difficult+

Cherie herrman

Fabric gathered-at least to start. Can't wait to begin next week after spending time with my granddaughter.

Lana Stewart

Pat, I just want to make sure I'm doing my blocks correctly. Blocks are 12.5"X 12.5" and finished size is 12" which means I trim my 12.5" block to 12" when finished. Correct? I have finished my tide pool block and if I trim it the outer 2 1/2" strip will be smaller. Just want to make sure.
I'm enjoying the blocks and look forward to Wednesdays to see what is next!

Marietta Riessland

Is it too late to do the blocks with you?? I will would like to do the ones you have all ready completed.

Janice King

Betty K and Stephanie -- those who are having their photos not load due to "too big". Had same problem yesterday. Imported my photos on my computer into Microsoft Picture Taker (or other software you may have), my photo showed it was 7.9 mgs. The Link will not load any photo above 2.9 mg. Did "Compress Photo" in my software and it asked if it's to be on a website or email, and you can select that. Reduced it to under 1 mg. Worked smoothly! Hope this helps

Paulette Zakrzeski

I have blocks 2 and 3. But missed block 1 how can I get it. Thanks Pat I love your blocks and can't wait to see the next one.

Jonda Clemings

Any idea how much fabric will be needed to complete the entire block arrangement. I have a fat quarter set that I'd like to use for this, but not sure if it will be enough?

Pauline Haworth

Do we trim the blocks to 12" when we have finished them?

pat sloan

you are correct Lana

pat sloan

Paulette go to the top nav bar for the main Solstice page

Judy King

Pat, I've not started making these great new blocks yet, I still have to finish one holiday gift project! Well it's not THAT bad, here in Mexico we also give gifts on January 6 and decorations are traditionally left in place until Candlemas aka the Day of Purification which is February 2.

Had to tell you that Block 3's title -- Tide Pool caused a wave of memories to wash over me. I lived in California in the 80s and in 86 (?) the lowest tide in 100 years made big news in Southern California. My finance and I walked out across the tide pools -- walking on solidly packed clams mounted securely to the rocks which were normally under several feet of water. We saw sea weed limp on the ocean floor, star fish in tiny puddles and so many amazing things. By January 1 of 1987, he was in a third floor corner room of South Laguna Beach Hospital when the highest tide in 100 years swept in. That night the full moon shone on the ocean until it looked like daylight. It seemed like all of the nurses, doctors, technicians, and even the cleaning people had an urgent reason to stop in to check something and then spend a few minutes at the window exclaiming over the view.


Ok this is probably a really dumb question. In the link title do we type pat Sloan my newest quilt or do we put our own name?


Debbie just put your name for the block


Judie just add some more fabric to the layer cake, something that works with it...


Judy what an amazing memory, thank you for sharing with me!

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