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Patricia Thompson

I love these blocks. Thanks so much for adding me to the group!


Is there a total yardage poster and a place for these 182 blocks? I'm a matcher I would like to do two colors if it all possible, but need to know total yardage

Anita Jackson

Beautiful blocks! And love the HSTs! Looking forward to sewing along!


Qué bloque más maravilloso el de hoy. La cesta me encanta. Muchas gracias. Saludos.

Karen Klein

I'm having a ball with these blocks but really do not like the basket. Sewing machine and I are ready to kill each other trying to appliqué.

Sheila Craft

I'm enjoying these blocks a lot. I just had to be a little different with my block 5 though - I just love stars so I flipped my geese around!

Karen Klein

36 and 10 did a different basket. How do I find pattern for this?

Sandy Long


I have a quick question about some of these fabrics on Amazon. There are a bunch of bundles available from a company called RayLineDo (and a few others) that are super low prices for a ton of fabric. Do you, or anyone else know anything about the quality of these fabrics??? They feel like one of those "too good to be true" sorry of deals.

Also, I can't thank you enough for all that you do! I'm very new & you've taught me so much!

Thank you,


See the main page for Details Stella http://www.ilovetomakequilts.com/182-day-solstice-challenge-blocks.html


Sandy thank you for the sweet note

On that company, I don't know them. You should write them and ask so you know exactly what you would be getting. There are a lot of companies selling bundles and only they can tell you about them.


Pat, I wonder if you give some advice on a strip quilt? it was a jelly roll that I have sewed together in stripts. The problem is it is not wide enough for anything. Do you think I could add TO IT o do you have any ideas for me? i have a queen bed I want it for.
I hope you can help some way. Thanks in advance. Lynda Henderson.

Judith Amantia

So I guess I need some help. Mathematically this is not adding up right for me. If you have 3.5x3.5 =7. And your cutting your middle square out at 6.5x6.5 Once you do the 1/4 in seam your side 2 blocks they are still 6.75. What am I missing ladies. Because my block is not measuring up right. And obviously many of you did it right.
Thanks from the newbie. Judy

Mary Catherine VonJess

hi Judith,
The entire gma basket block will measure 12.5 inches unfinished (as a stand alone). When it is sewn into the quilt it will be 12".
The center square with the basket will be 6.5", before it is sewn to the HST blocks.
The HST blocks are made using 4" squares, cutting them apart and pressing open. They should measure 3.5 inches as a stand alone. Once sewn together side by side and to the center block, they will measure like 3"x3.25" because the outside seam has not yet been sewn into the quilt.
But once assembled into the block, it should measure 12/5" x 12.5" in total block measurement.
It seems you may not have trimmed your 4" squares, once assembled into HST, into 3.5" HST blocks, perhaps. 2 3.5" HST blocks will measure 3.5" X 6.5" which will allow you to match up corner to corner with the center basket section.
Try it again. Just check your HST measurements to be 3.5" units as unfinished. Good luck, You CAN DO THIS! :^D Cathy vJ in MA

Mary Catherine VonJess

Hi Linda,
I am not Pat but I thought Id offer a suggestion. I am guessing the width of your strip quilt is right now close to 42". Add a solid spacer border around that of 3-4". Then make coordinating cobblestones (Pat's block 4) and increase the with of the original size by bordering it in cobblestones, essentially treating the strip section as the center of a medallion quilt.
You may even want to vary the size of the cobblestones by say adding a 3 row border ade with 2,5" strips then another solid spacer border than another 3 or 4 rows with a cobblestones made of say 3.5' strips.
Of course you will need more fabric and graphing out the plan so you can estimate what size blocks you will need is helpful.
Good Luck! Cathy VJ in MA


On amazon, you can click on the name of the seller, and it will take you to the seller's ratings. Then you can read the reviews. That company sells other things besides fabrics, so you will want to scroll around and look for reviews that specifically mention that they are about the fabric. That will give you an idea of what the fabric is like.


Did you figure it out Judy?

6 + 1/4 + 1/4 = 6 1/2
3 1/2 sewn to a 3 1/2 means 1/4 is removed from EACH both.

So 3 1/4 + 3 1/4 = 6 1/2... SAME as the center

Let me know this makes sense

Judith Amantia

Yes I did thank you Pat and Mary. Beginners block. Sometimes you just need to step away I posted my block

pat sloan


Nora Brofford

I wish we could get the block directions without downloading.A lot of people cannot download it to print.


Thanks for adding me. Time to play catch up!

Melody Thomas Norris

Thanks Pat for the Winter Solstice blocks, I have gotten 4 blocks finished so far. I did post pictures on Flicker. I have also just downloaded the Be My Neighbor iblocks, and will be using mostly from my fabric stash. I can't wait to get started on them...

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